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Monday, September 20, 2004


Hi all! Well, you all know I've said before that Sunday's are house cleaning days. Since this is the first chance I've had in 2 & 1/2 weeks ( due to Frances ) to get a proper-days work in- I got primed and started. That's when all Hell broke loose!
I actually got all the kids to pick up, and started to vacuum. About half way through the livingroom, I noticed that the darn thing wasn't picking up!( I have one of those bagless Hoovers)Got out the screwdriver, pulled the bottom apart and found a clog- not problem, right? Cleaned it out, then continued. Oh crap, it's not working again! I ended up having to take the Hoover almost completely apart to find the main clog- PITA! I feel now I have a new career as a vacuum repair person!
Off to the kitchen, and lo and behold, the sink is not draining!! ARRGGHHHHH! Murphy, get out of my house! Now I'm sitting on my kitchen floor, with the pipes off, snake in hand trying to get the thing to work. I AM NOT A PLUMBER!!!!!! I guess the money I saved up last month is going to go to a professional, 'cause I ended up bailing the sink out last nite after "doing" the dishes.
And where was hubby while all this was going on? Sitting at this thing reading his political websites! When I told him about the sink, he just said " call a plumber on Monday. Well, dear, and when is this guy supposed to show up? While I'm at work???????????? I swear I hate being the "handy" person in this house sometimes! At least he did get off his duff and mopped the floors. Oh well, that's what I get for trying to be "superwife"- I work the night shift today, so HE gets to bail out the sink- because the plumber is not comming until Wednesday!
I'll be glad to go to work- at least there I only have to do MY job!Pharmacist
Have a great day people! Peace, KC

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