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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

OMG- Has it been that long??????

I'm sorry! But I'm here now and have some updates.

Mom is almost totally healed from her surgery ( still a little pain under her arm where they took out all the lymph nodes) and has gone through her 1st round of Chemo. Which went well, all in all. She even called me the next day and was upbeat ( "Hey- that wasn't so bad?!"). But the next day she got a shot of a drug called Neulasta. It's supposed to boost your white blood cell count, so your body has more to fight with. That shot gave her a migraine, and seriously made her sick to her stomach. I never had the darn shot ( and believe me, it was around at the time!) so we're thinking that's the culprit( since she didn't feel bad until 1 hour AFTER she got it!). So she's going to ask the Dr. if she can skip it next round. She spent all this past weekend not eating or sleeping- and that's just not good when your battling for your life!!!! I hope he agrees, cause all I heard from Mom this past weekend is "I just want to lay down and DIE!!!" Aside what that did to me mentally- it's not a good atitude for her to have! She needs to be strong, and keep herself as healthy and mentally "up-beat" as possible. Wanting to "die" either mentally or physically, is not the head space she needs to be in.

Everything else is crusing along as always. Thaksgiving plans and work have pretty much been the norm. At least I wasn't picked to work this year. We have a lot of people at our store that actually WANT to work the holidays, so those of us who don't get a pass. You know- either young and in need of the $$$$$, or older single women with no reason to stay home on the holidays. I looked at the "volunteer" lists for Christmas and New Years- and I'll probably not have to work those either. New Years I don't care about- we don't go out anymore anyway. But Christmas- THAT I worry about. With the kids, we have our X-mas in the morning, followed by going to Mom's for lunch ( though this year that may be changed?) and then the River BIL's for the big Fine family X-mas blow out/feast. If I have to work, then I have the car. Which means the rest of the family get's stuck at home. Which just plain SUCKS! BUUUUTTT, since I didn't volunteer, and there are already enough names on that list to cover the shifts- I should be ok.

I'm going to be working most of this coming weekend ( Hey- Black Friday y'all!) but I will be off for 3 days the next weekend (that's the deal). Which will be filled up with decorating and CARDS! So as Rhonda put on her blog- If you've moved in the last year, or I haven't had your addy in the past- now's the time to get it to me. I'd hate to miss you because of it :-). I'm also still missing some of your e-mail addys, from when my old computer died, so hey- two birds/one stone!

Other than that- I just hope life has been treating you all well. I try to get to your blogs at least a couple of times a week, even if I don't post. Some times I'm just too tired/busy to comment. I'll try and do better- I promise *cues music*.................

Oh, and to all my American friends:

And to all of you:
Peace and Love- KC!

*edit- 5:30pm* OMG-KIDS! There has already been 2 fights and tears in the last oooohhh hour or so. And they're going to be home together for the next 5 days??????


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