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Thursday, January 24, 2008

My day off

I've been having too much fun on a particular website today:

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

lolcats and funny pictures
moar funny pictures

lolcat and funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I could go at this all day! The site is called "LOLcats" aka. "canIhascheeseburger". Mostly cats, but all kinds of animals are in the pictures.

Fair warning- it's very addicting !


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Friday, January 18, 2008

I am like a deer in the headlights lately....

Over something that's going on online. Serious accusations that a famous, NYT's best-selling author has been blatantly plagiarizing for years!

Now, some of you know that I love to read. Historical, Biography's, but mostly Romance novels. I read them a lot, and I can read 2 - 3 a week if time allows. The problem is that my favorite authors can't put out that many books a year ( though goodness knows- Nora Roberts tries!)During the summer, I found some blogs done by readers/lovers of Romance novels that actually review the books I like. They give not only reasons why they like/dislike them, but give good descriptions of the books. This is a tremendous help to me, since I hate like heck to spend $8.00 or so on a book that after 2 - 3 chapters winds up in the trash bin. Don't have money to throw away like that! So I've been going to these blogs, to get recommendations. And along with that they also are just a heck of a lot of fun. Not to mention- they are apparently really respected within the romance novel community, since some famous authors actually POST on these blogs as well.

Last week, one of the blog owners had a friend who had never read a romance novel ask to borrow some examples. Said owner- Candy - offered up 3 books. One of which was written by Cassie Edwards ( called CE here from now on). She does what she calls the "Savage" series, in which she spotlights individual Native American Indians. Now- I have read a few of her books- but I just don't like them. Personal preference- nothing against CE as a person. But she's put out like 100 books, that have sold like a million copies. So obviously somebody likes her work. Candy's friend, who apparently is an academic, thought something was *weird* in her writing style. LOOOONNNNGGG story short- CE has literally "Lifted" whole passages out of books about these different tribes and dumped them wholesale into her books. No- not paraphrasing them at all- but "cut-and-pasting" them verbatim into the books! And this apparently has been going on all through her writing career! I've been watching this whole mess blow up like a train-wreck in process.

If any of you like reading romance, or are just curious about this- I've put links in my sidebar to the 2 sites I feel are the best. Smart Bitches is the one where this came out first. They have all the info linked in their sidebar as well. I know Jude and Tracey like to read, we've discussed it one time chatting. And of the rest of you who do like romance novels- I highly recommend these blogs. And if you like romance novels- you might be surprised and just *who* posts there ( Nora, for one!)

I'm going back there in a minute- the Friday videos are usually pretty funny!

Oh, and my Vacation? Great! Didn't get shit done, but I'm totally relaxed. Which after the last couple of months is a blessing let me tell you!

Hope you all are well. I'll get back here soon.

Peace and Love, KC

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

Let's hope this one is better ( news-wise anyway!)

Mom's doing good. She has her 4th and final treatment using the meds she's currently on today. Then she gets a 3 week break- and on to the Taxol. But she's hanging in there and that's the most important thing anyway.

Christmas here was pretty good. Jon didn't get the *big* bonus that he has gotten in years past, so most of us didn't get the *Big Gift*. Which was totally ok with the kids- they were not expecting much, ( especially after having to replace not one- but 2 major appliances- I warned them that "Santa" was broke lol!) and they really didn't ask for anything major. Just hoodies, shirts, games, etc. However- One of us ( *ehem*) did get a new "toy";

An IPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know- I love my toys! And I'm just loving the darn thing like a fat kid likes cake! And my poor Hubby had to have used his entire bonus just to buy the damn thing ( for which I gave him some grief- but not too much ;-) ) No more toting my IPod and phone and addy book and ..........
Now I can have them all in one. AND I can surf the net on my lunch break! Too F**king cool for words! I've gotten most of you ( that I have addy's/#'s etc. ) plugged into the darn thing. Now I have to take the time to personalize it. Time- the one thing I haven't got alot of..... BUT.......

I'm working 5 straight days this week ( through Sat. ) then I work just 3 days next week. And the following week I have off!! Yes, in January! Since I'm in my 25th year ( ACK!) I now get 5 weeks vacation. Since we only have 1 vacation planned ( going to NC this summer with the In-laws) and only spring break as my other normal week off, I decided to spread the other ones out to give me breaks throughout the year. ( I normally leave one week unplanned- so that I have time off for emergencies, etc. ) SOOOO.... since I've been working/dealing/busting my arse for the last 4 months- I scheduled one for this month. I just need time to unwind, get some stuff done around the house, and have some "play" time for me. I've been feeling lately like I just can't get ahead on anything. Hopefully, this week off will help.

Well, speaking of work- I'd better go get dressed. Not going to be easy though- it's colder than a witches youknowwhat in this house. About 50 degrees outside- it was almost 80 yesterday!!! And tomorrow morning? FREEZE ALERTS???!! Yup! Two days to go from summer to winter. And people wonder why we down here have such a problem with cold weather. We just don't get the chance to get *used* to it. I was in shorts yesterday- now I'm digging out the sweaters! And I wear scrubs to work- which are not exactly the warmest clothes on the planet. I just hope I don't get sick- then I can't be much help for Mom, can I???

Oh well, WHATEVER!

I'll probably be back in full *posting* mode come the end of the week. In the meantime....

Love and Peace, KC!

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