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Monday, August 10, 2009

So here I sit.....

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( Too funny- right?)

trying to decide what to do. Around the house, and with my life.

I'm pretty much content with my decision to leave gracefully. I don't love it- but I think I made the best choice for me. I've been reading/hearing all kinds of things that just plain scare me about what's going down back at work. I'm glad I don't have to deal with any of them. And that's about all I can say in public about that. ( part of my contract for my severance - and I need that money!)

So now what? Well, to start I have to figure out/remember/learn how to do a resume. I haven't done one in over 20 years!! But I'm not rushing it. I've got time, and I sure don't want to take the first job that drops into my lap ( Unless it's something really cool!) I'm looking into hospital/hospice pharmacy, or possibly billing ( Dr. office/hospital). I would really rather get out of retail, but if I have to I'll probably go with an Independent, or grocery/small chain deal. Hubby really would rather I NOT go back into retail. AT. All. So we'll see what happens.

So let's see-- what else?
The kids started back to school today. Yes, I know it's early. Our county gets " Special license" to open 2 weeks early supposedly because we have better schools. At least that's what they're saying. I'd have to get my "roomie" Janine to explain it to me- I really don't understand it. But at least this gives me time to get some major things done. Like major cleaning of closets, rooms ( Andy- I'm looking at you again dear!) and such. Maybe paint some. Definitely work on the landscaping around here ( once it COOLS DOWN! Sheesh!) That stuff will keep me pretty busy.

I'm also catching up on my massive- and I do mean MASSIVE- TBR pile! ( that's "to be read" for those needing translation) I've gotten about 10 read, and have about 10 to go. That doesn't count the 10 er, 12, er, LOTS more that I'd like to get. And as I got ( amongst other things) a gift card to Barnes & Nobles as going away present from my co-workers- I'm making up a list and then me and that card are going to have some fun!

In the next couple of days I'll post some pics I took over in Tampa. The family took our vacation over there this past July. I just have to get them loaded up on Photobucket first. And I'll probably be back here more often, since I've got nothing but time now ;-)

Peace & Love, KC

p.s.- if there are typos, I'm sorry. Got a new keyboard for this thing, and I'm having some trouble getting used to it!

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