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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Oh Bother!

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So now it's me with the problems.
It seems that my implant- the one I received after my mastectomy, is being "rejected" by my body *SIGH*. I was told this was a 20% possibility, since I had radiation therapy. But I'd figured it's been 3 years, so I'd made it through. BUT NOOOOOO!! I noticed a bruise under my arm a couple of weeks ago- but I didn't make much of it. I'm notorious for waking up with bruises that I've no idea where they'd come from. Just one more right? Nope. Seems that that is where my body is trying to "push" my implant out. So I went to see good'ole Dr. B- he who put the darn thing in- and he said I had to have it taken out- N O W!!.

And what's worse ( in my eyes anyway) is that I can't just have it *replaced*. See, if my body's rejected one, it will do it again. So now I'm faced with a couple of options- none of which I'm really liking ( which is why I did the implant to begin with!). One is to have an operation where they take some of *me* ( ie: from my back or stomach) and put it in as a filler if you will. OR- use what my mother's-age people used to call a "falsey". Which means I would need to purchase special ( read: EXPENSIVE!) bras, bathing suits, etc. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Shit- I don't want to have even MORE scars than I have now. I look like a war-zone already! But the thought of having to worry if my left boob is going to accidentally "pop out" at an inopportune time is not my idea of life either.

Either way- for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be "lop-sided" again.
Just in time for vacation don't you know. Wonderful.

BTW- What would *you* do if you were me?

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