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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Boy! Just when I thought everything was OK.....

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It got worse.
Seems that Andy was having some problems with one of his classes. Yes, we knew this. But it had seemed that he had turned the corner and had brought his grade up. Unfortunately, not enough it seems. He failed his Science class. ( which btw- was not one of his advanced, HS level courses) But here is where things went south really quick....

You see, due to budget cuts ( thankyousoverymuch Mr. Crist- NOT! :-( ) there is NO summer school. So I thought that he would have to repeat the science class next year, along with his normal classes- BUT NO! Apparently, they said he'd have to repeat THE ENTIRE 7th GRADE!!!???


Well, I was upset. Andy was really upset. I called the school, with the hopes that he could make up the course online this summer ( in the "virtual school" - the one Becky is taking classes in) But they said "No,not possible. Against school policy, blah, blah, blah, tell him to suck it up, blah blah.


Y'all know me. I'm a pretty easy-going person normally. BUT NOT when it comes to my kids. Mess with them- DEAL WITH ME! So the fight was on. I called the county school district's main office and asked to talk to someone ( I think he was in student counseling) and explained the situation: Top student, 98% percentile in the state on his FCAT's ( solid 5 out of 5 on ALL tests), rough year as he was put in several HS level courses in 7th grade, etc. All I wanted was to allow him to make up this class somehow this summer. Whatever that took. He, thank the gods said that he COULD take a course online- distance learning is what it's called. Might cost us some money ( to which I said "and your point is.....?") but he could "fix" things this way.

An aside: the "virtual school" (aka-FLVS, the "free" one online) was full up he said. which is why at that point it wasn't an option.

So I called his guidance counselor, Mr. L to tell him of this. He said he was told that was NOT an option, but he would check into it and get back to me. A couple of days later, he called to say "OK, it's been approved for Andy- FIND A SCHOOL!" Well, after some perusal, I found a couple. But the problem was- which one would be considered an *equivalent* course to the one that he failed??? So as I called Mr. L again ( Poor man probably hated me at this point!) I thought- why not look at the FLVS site, and see what they called it? Mr. L said he'd look it up, and while he was I noticed that they WERE STILL accepting applications to the very science course Andy needed!

HAPPY DAY! Mr L said- SIGN HIM UP NOW!!!!!!!

So now Andy is enrolled, and starts his make-up class next week. Since it's virtual, and he can take the 2 "halves" of the class at the same time ( fall and spring sessions) it should be no problem for him to complete the course in time to start the school year in the 8th grade. But the last 3 or so weeks have been a roller coaster of tears, frustration, and WTF's of major proportions!

And that's why I've been MIA again. Spending most of my time online, looking for alternate schooling for Andy. And making phone calls. And generally biting my nails while keeping Andy's hopes up and his ego from hitting the sewer system.

Please, PLEASE! If there is a higher power- could I please have a month or so of "normal"????? I swear, I'll be good :-)
Is it August yet? We're going to NC to a cabin my BIL has rented for all of us. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but a creek and the birds for company. I'm gonna spend the first day on the porch, in a corner. With a glass of wine and a good book.


PS- I just had to share this. Hubby is notorious for sitting here in at the computer some days ( read: weekend mornings) in his underwear. ( I know, TMI- but still!)
Well, the kids tease him about this constantly. I was cruising the LOLCats site again this morning, trying to relax and found this one;
more cat pictures

I just made it hubby's wallpaper. Do you think he'll get the hint? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

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