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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Am I still alive?

Well, yeah- in a way. Apparently I've picked up....er... "something". Something that has knocked me square on my back and is worse then any of the chemo after-affects I experienced. Started Thursday nite at work- my entire lower back just started HURTING! I figured I'd over-done something. Nothing some Ibuprofen and 1-on-1 with my heating pad would not cure. Woke up Friday, tried to get out of bed and BAM! The room was spinning like I'd done 10 shots of *nameyourpoison*! managed to get up, dressed and out the door ( I would have called out but I was first in- with a unknown pharmacist). Managed to make it through about 1 hour before my guts started "clensing themselves". Next tech came in I was gone home. I really should have called/gotten someone to drive me, I had such a fever that my vision/concetration left much to be desired. The whole weekend went by in bouts of fevers/sweats/spasms/you name it! Poor Hubby wanted to take me to the ER twice over the weekend- I of course refused ( I know- I'm an ass!)

Suffered through that, and thought I was good to go by yesterday ( Hubby made me call out on Sunday- he said I shouldn't drive- he's mostly right darn it!) Went in yesterday and both "G" and I realized this was not "over". So I went to the Dr. He's not sure either, but he's hoping that the tests he had me take may find the source of all this. Meanwhile he has me parked at the house, eating bland food ( which is ok- don't have much of an appetite!) and told me not to go back to work until we "fix this". I hope he finds out today- cause that's all the further my work release pass lasts- and If I call in yet again after all this.............

I'm getting off now. the chills are coming back ( funny- how could I be cold in flannel PJ's in FL. in the SUMMER????) and it takes every bit of my concentration to even type here. Just wanted to let you know I'm still around. I'm just more in love with my gatorade and my comforter at the moment ;-)

Peace and Love, KC!

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sorry about being AWOL, but

( Caution- there is some non-PG stuff in here!)

I've been in a major "funk" all week. Why? Well, as some of you might know, I spend a bit of time on Melodic Rock and it's forums. With the Journey news that broke this past week, I've been ensconced there like Zombie. WHY? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???

Now, understand that Journey has/had always been a favorite of mine. Saw them a few times in the '80's, back when the wonderful Steve Perry was front and center stage. Was actually 2nd row between Neil and Steve on the "Raised on Radio" tour. Loved their live shows- worth every penny paid!

When Steve P. left- I really tried to give Steve Augeri a chance. Truly I did. But he just wasn't "It" for me. So I lived with my memories, and days gone by.

Flash forward to last summer. I had tickets to see the DL/Journey tour. I figured what the heck- I was really going to see DL anyway. And perhaps this Steve A. guy had gotten better with time. Then on MR I see where Steve A. was having problems. Couldn't sing anymore- and they were bringing in a guy I'd heard about but never seen- one Jeff Scott Soto. I figured whatever- BOY! Did he bowl me over. It was only his 4th night with them- and he had the whole crowd up and running. Was he Steve P? No, of course not- but he had an energy, and a vibe that was something I had not seen from this band in- shit, 20 years?????????? Then I saw him again in Orlando in November. HOLY HECK! He had gotten so good that even my hubby ( he who is not a music-phile in the least!) glued to him and the band for the entire set! Jon was impressed as all heck- and believe me when I tell you that's NOT easy! And I was thrilled for Jeff when he was announced as the new lead singer, couldn't happen to a nicer guy......

Which of course, leads us to this past week's announcement. Talk about "Gob-smacked"! Jeff, poor soul- is devastated. And I can't blame him. He was given a chance to live his dream, only to have the rug pulled out from under him. I know he'll survive this- he's just THAT good. But now, I have a problem. I can't listen to Journey's music anymore. If it's on the radio- I have to flip the channel. Because no matter what song comes on- all I want to do is either cry- or smash my fist through it. So that's where I'm at right now. And I have one other thing to say, this time to the "remaining" members of Journey:

Hope your happy with yourselves. Because the DL tour is going to go down in history as the LAST tour that you get any kind of praise. Everyone knows about you now. Your just a bunch of backstabbing, egotistical FUCKING-Idiots. You must have known the crap was going to fly- since you took down your forums ( which remain down-btw) a few scant hours before the announcement. Way to look like a bunch of professionals guys. You'll get no more money from me. And as a friend of mine has said on occasion- I wouldn't piss on you guys if you were on fire!

The Journey continue? Nope- toss it in boys- you've done more than "fracture the stone"- you've pulverized it!

See what you could have had:

Now you've got squat!

Done, finished, finito, BUH-Bye!


I'll be back when I'm over this. In a day or two. I'm going back to MR- to Jeff's forum. And let him know that not everyone is an idiot.

Peace and Love, KC!

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday- and the homestead is quite once again!

Because Mom came home yesterday- and took her dog with her! Now do not get me wrong. I like "Maggie" alot. For a small dog she's really nice. But she has the biggest mouth this side of the Mason/Dixon line! AND she's on my mom's time/schedule. Which means she's up and raring to go at 5:30am!!! She's a Beagle- so she has that "hound-style" bark. You know, the one that can grate on you? I haven't had a decent night sleep in 3 weeks. And she insists on sleeping in the bed with you. Which is fine for mom- she's got a King size bed and sleeps alone. Whereas Jon + Dog = me with no room on our Queen bed! I've had a kink in my back for the last three weeks. I can't begin to tell you how hard I crashed last night- now that I had my share of the bed! LOL!
( Mom called me though- Maggie seems to miss us. She sat by the door after we left, and then went into her cage/bed and refused to come out. Do I feel like a louse or what???!!!)

Work is the same- not great, not too bad. At least I've been back to my normal schedule, which is fine by me. I just hope we get a couple more people lined up soon. Julie ( the tech/now a nurse) is officially leaving us the end of the month- and I don't want to go through any more BS again.

The kids are getting better about the house now. I had to lay down the law about dirty dishes/toys/ responsibilites. They're all old enough to pick up after themselves ( otherwise they wouldn't be left home!) and I think they understand that I can't do it all myself. At least- that's what I hope is going on. I've been home the last couple of days, so they haven't really had a chance to "fly solo" as it were. Cross your fingers on this please!!

I did manage to get our summer vacation planned out. We aren't going too far this year ( mainly because of the gas prices!) and Becky requested that we not go until after her birthday ( vacation is the 2nd week in July). So we're spending 2 days in St. Augustine, and 2 days in Savannah, GA. We're also thinking about spending a day in Ocala, FL. But I have to get with my roomie and see if she's gonna be there. That's the reason I want to go there ( along with Silver Springs) but I think we'd get there the day before she leaves on vacation herself. So the last day or so is still up in the air. One good thing about this vacation- Becky has her laptop- and both hotels we're staying at have wireless in the rooms! So I won't be out of touch totally! Expect some pictures and such while we're gone!

One other thing before we get on to our Friday Funnie.
I don't think I'm gonna make the DL show in Tampa this year. Between vacation, the fact that the Fan club presales for that show were so totally screwed up as to be rediculous ( I'm not worried about being right up front- but not being able to buy 2 seats together is just not gonna work for me! Not to mention the link not working at all most of the day yesterday!!). And well, it's gonna probably be the same set list we've seen the past 3 years- so I think I'll just pass this one by, and save up for 2008. Unless Jon hits some good #'s in the lottery or something

So that's my life the last week or so. Boring as all hell basically! SOOOOOOO......
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Peace and Love, KC!

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