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.::Sunshine, Most Times::.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Um well, Sorry I'm late here....

But I worked the early shift. Which was great, in that I didn't have to deal with "D" at all today! But things were said to Mr. P., that made him up and call YET AGAIN to the "powers that be" about her ( see my post from yesterday!) Anywho, the more ammo, the bigger and faster the hit. Can't come fast enough for me though.

I still haven't gotten that picture taken. I'll have Becky take it sometime this weekend. I was nice not having to fuss with my hair this morning though!

We're having a serious problem down here with a big old brush fire. I-95 is closed along with other major roads. If it makes the news were you are, please know that it's in the Northern part of our county, and no where near me and mine. But if we don't get some serious rain down here soon, I may not be so lucky. So any of you sick of rain- send it our way PLEASE!!!!!

And with that, I'll get to the thing I hope you all look forward to after a long week- Your Friday Funny! This one complement of my Roomie Janine!


8:15 Wake up to hugs and kisses

8:30 Weigh in 2 pounds lighter than yesterday

8:45 Breakfast in bed, freshly squeezed orange juice and croissants
open presents - expensive jewelry chosen by thoughtful partner

9:15 Soothing hot bath with frangipani bath oil

10:00 Light work out at club with sexy funny personal trainer

10:30 Facial, manicure, shampoo, condition, blow dry

12:00 Lunch with best friend at fashionable outdoor cafe !

12:45 Catch sight of partner's ex and notices she has gained 17 pounds

1:00 Shopping with friends, unlimited credit

3:00 Nap

4:00 Three dozen roses delivered by florist, card is from secret

4:15 Light work out at club, followed by massage from strong but gentle
hunk, who says he rarely gets to work on such a perfect body

5:30 Choose outfit from expensive designer wardrobe, parade before full
length mirror

7:30 Candle-lit dinner for two followed by dancing, with compliments
received from other diners/dancers

10:00 Hot shower (alone)

10:50 Carried to bed . . (freshly ironed, crisp, new, white linen)

11:00 Pillow talk, light touching and cuddling

11:15 Fall asleep in his big strong arms


6:00 Alarm

6:15 Blow job

6:30 Massive satisfying shit while reading the sports section

7:00 Breakfast: steak and eggs, coffee and toast, all cooked by naked,
buxom wench who bends over a lot showing her growler

7:30 Limo arrives

7:45 Several beers en-route to airport

9:15 Flight in personal Lear Jet

9:30 Limo to Mirage Resort Golf Club (blow job en-route)

9:45 Play front nine - 2 under

11:45 Lunch: steak and lobster, 3 beers and a bottle of Dom Perignon

12:15 Blow job

12:30 Play back nine - 4 under

2:15 Limo back to the airport (several bourbons)

2:30 Fly to Bahamas

3:30 Late afternoon fishing excursion with all female crew, all nude
who also bend over a lot displaying growlers

4:30 Land world record Marlin (1234lbs) - on light tackle

5.00 Fly home, massage and hand job by naked Elle McPherson (bending
over, naturally).

6:45 Shit, Shower, and Shave

7:00 Watch news: Michael Jackson assassinated

7:30 Dinner: crabmeat appetizers, Dom Perignon (1953), big juicy fillet
steak followed by mango ice cream served on a big pair of tits

9:00 Napoleon brandy and Habanos cigar in front of wall-size TV as you
watch football game

9:30 Sex with three women (all with lesbian tendencies..some bending

11:00 Massage and Jacuzzi with tasty hot-pepper pizza snacks and a
cleansing beer

11:30 A night-cap blow job

11:45 To bed alone

11:50 A 22 second fart which changes notes 4 times and forces the dog
to leave the room

11:51 Laugh yourself to sleep
.....................................( Hummm- I don't know about that guy!!!)

Ok, Ok, I owe you all another one: this time from our favorite Hippy Chick!

Here's a truly heart-warming story about the bond formed between a little 5 year old girl and some construction workers that makes you believe that we CAN make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time...

A young family moved into a house, next door to a vacant lot. One day a construction crew turned up to start building a house on the empty lot.

The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and spent much of each day observing the workers.

Eventually the construction crew, all of them gems-in-the-rough, more or less adopted her as a kind of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had coffee and lunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important. At the end of the first week they even presented her with a pay envelope containing a couple of dollars.

The little girl took this home to her mother who said all the appropriate words of admiration and suggested that they take the two dollar "pay" she had received to the bank the next day to start a savings account.

When they got to the bank, the teller was equally impressed and asked the little girl how she had come by her very own paycheck at such a young age.

The little girl proudly replied, "I worked last week with the crew building the house next door to us." My goodness gracious," said the teller, "and will you be working on the house again this week, too?"

The little girl replied, "I will if those assholes at Home Depot ever deliver the f****** sheet rock."

Kind of brings a tear to the eye . . .

Have a great Friday!
Peace and Love to all! KC!!!

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* * *

Thursday, April 27, 2006


You Are Sunshine

Soothing and calm
You are often held up by others as the ideal
But too much of you, and they'll get burned

You are best known for: your warmth

Your dominant state: connecting

Just not a surprise- NOPE! ;-)

Well, I did get my hair cut this morning, and if I can figure out a way to take my own picture, I'll post it! But suffice to say, I'll be happier when it grows a little more. I've never like me with short hair, I think it makes my face look fat. But at least you can't call me "poodle-head" any more lol! Hind-sight being 20/20, I probably should have shaved off what little hair DID survive Chemo. That hair was nothing but frizz in the end! I've been having to wet my hair down every day, then use massive quantities of hairspray to keep it down. And I really HATE hairspray!

Curves is going good, although I wish I could go more often. I'm trying for at least 3 days a week, but so far have only managed 2. No thanks to my job, which calls me in early at least once a week. Once I was even in my car on the way to curves, when they called me in! What a pain! I just hope that by the time summer rolls around, I won't be afraid to be seen in a bathing suit. I know- hope springs eternal! But it's truly hell living in Florida, and not wanting to be caught dead in a bathing suit- or any nice looking summer clothes! Baggy T-shirts may be comfortable, but they are not something I treasure wearing outside my home.

Work is going as usual. At least I have found out that the upper management as been told of the "situation" with "D", and her competince ( or lack thereof!) Apparently, while I was off last week, the Regional VP was in the store asking about the dropping figures in the Pharmacy. Mr.P ( store manager) told him all about the troubles that She's been causing. And this past Tuesday was just one of the worst days I've ever been through. It started out with a substitute Pharmacist who is totally new. Both to us and in general ( I think she's just gotten her license). To do her credit, she did the best she could. But we were swamped, and she just couldn't keep up. By the time "D" showed up, there were over 100 Rx's on the counters, waiting to be checked. And another 100 or so waiting to be filled. Both Mr. P. and another assistant were back there trying to help us. AND WHAT DOES D DO? She goes down to the terminal at the far end of the pharmacy and starts READING THE E-MAIL! WTF???!!! Mr.P. pulled me aside and asked me what the heck she was doing. I explained to him that this was normal for her ( going thru the e-mail, and paperwork before dealing with the customers/rx's etc.) He went straight over to her, to get her to help with the backlog- which she grudgingly did.

A little later, I had a guy going off on me, because his Rx was supposed to be ready and wasn't.( It was late by almost an hour- so I can see his point!) So I went to D to get her to check it so I could calm this guy down. AND WHAT DOES D DO? Tells ME to "calm down Karen, your annoying me!" ( mind you, I only told her what was happening- I was not yelling or hyper about it). And she said it loud enough for everyone to hear. Mr. P. heard it, and shook his head ( he couldn't say anything about it then, because he didn't want to start a fight in front of the customers-which I agree with). I got so pissed, I went to the ladies room to calm down. Mr. P. said he's going to talk to her today, and try to explain that you just don't talk to employee's that way. But I told him if she keeps that crap up- I'm leaving. I don't let my own husband/mother/friends talk to me like that- I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna let her get away with it!

Ok, off my rant here. Sorry about that, but she just gets to me. And I have to vent somewhere, so you all ( unfortunately) get to read it. I'll try not to bore you all with it again for awhile!

What else? Oh, yeah! THANKS FOR BREAKFAST KAT! It was great to see you again. (She works all around, and comes over to the coast here every couple of weeks). We try to meet up ( if I'm not working, that is!) and catch up on all the "stuff" going on. Next time- I'll buy ;-)!

I think I'll spend the rest of this morning trying to get my cellphone to "talk" to this computer. I'm still having problems with that. But I talked with a guy from Cingular, who has the same phone. He gave me some pointers that I've not tried. I'll be around, if anyone needs me :-)

Have a great Thursday!

Peace and Love, KC!

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* * *

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Despite the drought

"Big Bertha"- well that's what I call it. The first of the "fruits of my labor".

Well, I've got just about all my stuff done for the weekend. I've even made my lunch for the week. I make this macaroni salad, which has tunafish in it. It's fast, easy and healthy. So I have plenty to keep me from getting into trouble ( RE: Chic-fil-a!) for the week. I just have to do the bath thing with the kids - and hopefully me!

I want to thank Kat & Jude for sending me some fuel for the Friday Funnies. I get some from my cousins as well, but lately they just forward them, and they don't want to come through on my e-mail! So my supply is down to just the ones you all sent. I'm searching around for some on my own though, so I'll be back in the game in no time ;-)

I'm posting tonight, rather than tomorrow morning because I'll be off to Curves first thing, and probably will have just enough time to come home and get cleaned up for work. I'm really looking forward to getting into the swing of all that. And I'm going to go get my hair "shaped" this week. I think it's finally long enough to do something with. I know I want to get rid of all the ratty part on the ends that was left-over from Chemo. I just hope I don't have to go too short to do it! I really hate short hair on me. I've not gotten used to it- despite the time I've had to adjust to it!

Oh, and I just have to share this one: We have what they call "fairness in scheduling" at work. Which basically is that everyone has to work weekends, or at least one night a week. Well, "D" keeps scheduling me for night shifts. But almost every week, someone wants to switch with me. Well this coming week, she had me scheduled for 2 nights. But as of about an hour ago, I'm back to working none. It seems that her best ( or worst) intentions have been foiled again. Not that I mind working a night shift. But she always gives me mine on Fridays. Which is the day Jon gets off around 1pm. Which means he gets home, and I have to leave. Which is annoying to say the least. But at least she can't blame it on me. I never say anything about my schedule- it's my co-workers that ask ME to switch with them. Gives me a kick/giggle/smurk though! Sick and twisted, perhaps. But I have to get my jollies where I can HEHEHEHEHE!

Well, Dinner is almost ready. And Kimmie needs her bath- so I'd better get going. I hope you all have a great week. I'll be back to check up on y'all soon!

Peace and Love, KC!

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* * *

Friday, April 21, 2006

Well, this stinks!

I had made up a post this morning, only to have blogger lose it. Which would be ok, if it were just a normal post. But unfortunately, it held my LAST funny that was "blog-friendly". Sure, I have others, but not for public consumption. Not on here, where my kids read. So today, for the first time in a LONG time, there will be no Friday Funny. I just don't have one to post. *SIGH*

Anywho, I do have a question for those of you that use Myspace. Is there a way to post "comments" on more than one friend's place at a time? As my friend's list gets longer, the harder it becomes to post comments. I find going to each one, clicking and leaving a comment takes more time than I have most days! So if there is a way to streamline the process, I'd appreciate knowing what it is!

Our big Arts Festival is this weekend, and while I always like going to see all the wonderful stuff, I think I'm going to skip it. I don't have a lot of extra money to spend on that kind of thing. I'm trying to get some bills paid down. So this weekend will probably be just catching up on chores. And I have a few afgans that have been neglected of late. I really need to get them done before it really gets hot down here ( although it's been in the 90's the last few days, and we're supposed to stay that way for awhile!) It's really hard to work on a big afgan, when it's hot. Sweat and crochet does not mix well, you know?

Well, that's all from me today. I hope you all have a great Friday nite. And any donations to the "KC's Friday Funny" fund would be appreciated! I'll catch you all soon!

Peace and Love, KC!

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* * *

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yes, I'm still here

I've just started yet another thing to take up my time. I've started going to Curves this week. I'm just sick and tired, of well, feeling tired! And my clothes not fitting well, and my legs hurting after all day at work, etc. So I signed up Monday morning. I checked a couple of other places out. But this is the only one that's price and such is within reason for me. There's a great ladies gym down the road, but it cost MUCH more than Curves, and the penalties if you choose to leave are just ridiculous. Not that I'm setting myself up to quit, but with my health the last few years- I have to take into concideration that something *may* happen that would seriously curtail my working out. So I've been twice and I like it! Which is surprising since "working out" has not been something I've enjoyed in the past. As a matter of fact, the only thing I don't like about it is that they play a lot of Disco music in the background ( YUK!GAG!ICK!) But I can deal for 1/2 hour every other day. If I see results, that is!

I went to see my oncologist yesterday, and everything is great! He's even saying that we could take out my I.V. port sometime soon! Although I have to wait until I can switch insurances, and can get that surgery covered. Plus, I really don't want to have to go out from work so soon. I've been out too much the last few years! As much as I may biotch about it- it's nice to be back!

I'm leaving in about 20 minutes to meet Mom. She sees her surgeon today to discuss what options she's got with her Cancer. I'm thinging just a lumpectomy, with some radiation. The "spot" she has is really small, and it hasn't grown in the 2 years it's been there- so I can't see anything major for her- THANK GOODNESS! I surely wouldn't want her to go through what I did - at her age! Plus, as she said, she's not using the darn things anyway- you might as well just cut them off! ( Let me explain- My Dad passed in 1984, and she hasn't so much as looked at another man since. She's "had the best, and why settle for something less now?" Not to mention, she likes her independance!) Just think what she'd save on bras??!

So that's what's been up in my little world. That and following the "little" drama that's been unfolding in the Journey camp about an interview that Herbie Herbert gave to the Classic Rock Revisited site. Holy crap- That guy didn't have a nice thing to say about anyone in the band except Gregg Rolie! Check it out Here He called Steve Perry every name in the book, and some that I hadn't heard before! Talk about bitter- SHEESH!

Well, I'd better get my arse in gear. But before I go- A BIRTHDAY!:

Happy Birthday Steph! Have a great day Sweetie!

Peace and Love to ALL! KC!

P.S.- Mom goes for her surgery May 2. She's having a lumpectomy, and will have 5 weeks of radiation treatments. Which is what I predicted. A BIG thanks for all your support and well wishes- they always help!

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Friday, April 14, 2006

My bad!

So, what did I do with my day off? Did I clean house ( well, a little bit)Did I re-organize my closet as I had planned? Did I rescreen that door that needs doing?
I did the "important" stuff. Like watching that DVD that I bought 3 weeks ago ( Memoirs of a Geisha) and load my I-Pod with yet MORE music. You know, the kind of stuff that really means something ;-)

I know, I'm crazy. And the fact that I work the night shift (I'll get home around 10:30 tonight)AND work Sunday, I'll have no time to do any major cleaning/laundry this weekend. So I guess everyone will have to deal. Because I needed the "time-off" from thinking. I've just had too much going on lately to stress on my one day of rest. Not to mention, all the kids are home today. So I'm not going to get anything done this morning. Already Kimmie is bugging me to get off this thing so she can play. And Becky is right behind her. We really need to get the other computer "wi-fi'ed" up. I'm tired of fighting the whole family for 10 minutes on this sucker!

So, with all that, I'd better make this short(ish)! So here's your Friday Funny-
( well, it's not really a funny- but it is TRUE!)

> Why Older Chicks Rule by Andy Rooney from CBS "60
> Minutes".
> This is for all you girls 40 years and over....
> and for those who are
> turning 40, and for those who are scared of moving
> into their 50's...AND
> 60's..and
> for guys who are scared of girls over 40!!!!
> Andy Rooney says:
> As I grow in age, I value women who are over 40 most
> of all. Here are just a
> few reasons why:
> A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of
> the night to ask, "What
> are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think.
> If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game,
> she doesn't sit around
> whining about it. She does something she wants to
> do. And, it's usually
> something
> more interesting.
> A woman over 40 knows herself well enough to be
> assured in who she is,what
> she is, what she wants and from whom. Few women
> past the age of 40 give a
> hoot
> what you might think about her or what she's doing.
> Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a
> screaming match with you at
> the opera or in the middle of an expensive
> restaurant.
> Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to
> shoot you, if they
> think they can get away with it.
> Older women are generous with praise, often
> undeserved. They know what it's
> like to be unappreciated.
> A woman over 40 has the self- assurance to introduce
> you to her women
> friends. A younger woman with a man will often
> ignore even her best friend
> because
> she doesn't trust the guy with other women. Women
> over 40 couldn't care
> less if you're attracted to her friends because she
> knows her friends won't
> betray
> her.
> Women get psychic as they age. You never have to
> confess your sins to a
> woman over 40. They always know.
> A woman over 40 looks good wearing bright red
> lipstick. This is not true of
> younger women. Once you get past a wrinkle or two, a
> woman over 40 is far
> sexier than her younger counterpart.
> Older women are forthright and honest. They'll tell
> you right off if you
> are a jerk, if you are acting like one! You don't
> ever have to wonder where
> you
> stand with her.
> Yes, we praise women over 40 for a multitude of
> reasons. Unfortunately, it's
> not reciprocal. For every stunning, smart,
> well-coiffed hot woman of 40+,
> there
> is a bald, paunchy relic in yellow pants making a
> fool of himself with some
> 22-year-old waitress.
> Ladies, I apologize for all those men who say, "Why
> buy the cow when you can
> get the milk for free." Here's an update for you.
> Now, 80% of women are
> against marriage, why? Because women realize it's
> not worth buying an
> entire pig, just to get a little sausage.

Have a great weekend! And a:

Peace and Love, KC!

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* * *

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jeez! This is awful!

And to think I was there-what? 2 weeks ago?
Woman dies after riding Mission to Mars
While I feel for her family, and those who care for her, I can't help but wonder how this happened. I mean, I was there- I saw/heard/read ALL the warnings they gave each of us before we were put in/on the ride. Young people's heights were checked not once but 3 times, warnings about "if you have high blood pressure, are scared of small spaces, back/neck/head problems,etc! ( If you've ever been to an amusement park, you've heard the speil!) And not just once- they must have warned us all 4 or 5 times, and we were given plenty of opportunities right down to the last second to decide against riding.( And exiting with NO FUSS at all! Believe me, 'cause Becky did JUST THAT!)I've been on a lot of rides, all over the place. And I can honestly state ( for the record, for what it's worth!) that I have NEVER been so "warned" before a ride in my life! I even mentioned it to Jon at one point after we got off. That all those warnings probably cause 1/2 the people to get off, before they even get on the darn thing! Too bad that one lady didn't heed them.

And please don't take all this the wrong way. What ever the cause, I DO feel sorry for her, her family and all her loved ones. To have a day that's supposed to be "magic" turn into one of unspeakable sadness is just horrible. I hope they find peace with what's happened. But it makes you stop and think - hopefully the next time you go to get on that next "thrill" ride; "should I REALLY get on this thing?"

Well, aside from that piece of news, there's really nothing new in my world. Except I get to work Easter Sunday. Which is really not a biggie for me. Aside from our annual Egg hunt and baskets, we don't really "Do" Easter. And that can be done before I leave for work. The only problem I see is that I get to work all day with "D". Which is just bad enough! But I'll deal, like I do everyday. At least it will be slow, since most people will assume we're not open! Even though we have NEVER closed on a holiday!( except Christmas- and even that's just the non-24-hour pharmacies!)

Mom goes to the Dr. next Tuesday, and I'll be with her. Hopefully, we can get the ball rolling with her. I'm hoping that she'll be able to go to my Oncologist. He's a good guy, and I know he'll get her taken care of quickly and efficiently. And I see him the next day, for my regular bi-monthly check-up. Which had better go smoothly! I'm not in the mood for any more bad news. Nope, no way! After all, We don't need two of us dancing with "that Beast" now- do we?

Hope you all are having a good week. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Friday fare. ( although my "supply" is running a little low, so if you have any to share..... ;-) )

Peace and Love, KC

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* * *

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Well, I was just signing on yesterday morning, when SURPRISE! The phone rings- it's work, and can I come in NOW??? Sheesh, what is it with others about working Mondays? This is the 7th time in the last 8 weeks ( not counting my vacation week) that I've been called in on Monday morning ( and that's not including other days lol!). I've gotten to the point that I get dressed early now. I get my pants, shoes, etc on- all but my shirt, which I have laid out on the bed. I get my lunch ready and am generally ready to just fly if the need arises. Because more often than not- I'm called in. I'm usually the second scheduled ( I was opening alot, before the little problem with Becky getting to school there at the beginning of the semester!). Now I just work more hours. I ended up working from 8:15 until 6:30 yesterday. Which means my feet hurt like hell, but I'll probably forget all about it when the check gets here!

And to add to the misery that was my morning, my Mother called to let me know that her biopsy came back. Apparently we were wrong- it IS cancerous. So I'm going with her next week to her dr. to find out exactly how bad it is. He said it was a little spot of cancer, so chances are she'll just need a lumpectomy, and a little radiation. But that was not what we were expecting, and I think she's alittle scared ( no surprise there!) So a few well placed prayers/thoughts would be appreciated. Since that "spot" has been there for a couple of years, and it hasn't grown or changed, at least we know that she does not have the aggresive form that I had. after all, my "little lump" turned into a large tumor in less than 2 months! So I'm confident that this will be Much easier on her than it was on me. Still, it's not something one wants to hear about anyone! EVER!

Well, as promised, some more pictures from the vacation:

The "tree of life" at Animal Kingdom. It looks much cooler in real life, there are animals carved into the trunk all around it.

Kimmie and Dad, hanging out

The "Lion King" show, which was really amazing!

One of the fountains at Disney-MGM studios.

The "Aerosmith" Rock 'n Roll coaster! That was a really good ride!

The infamous "Tower of Terror"! The one ride you'll never see me on. Nope, no flippin' way!
But I thought the picture came out really cool, so there you go!

We had a great time, all in all. I would make a suggestion to those of you who *might* concider coming down for the "Disney" experience. Don't try to cram it all in. Had I known just how tired we all would have been after a couple of days, I'd've spread the days out a bit more. Put a "day off" inbetween each park. Because truth be told- by day 3 we just couldn't be bothered doing some stuff, just because we'd had enough of lines, crowds, etc. If we had done one park, then a day off, next park- kind of thing, we would have probably faired better. And the drive home ( which happened shortly after I took that picture of the tower) was a biotch. I don't even remember what happened when we got home- other than we all crashed! And Sunday we all just lazed around like a bunch of dead fish on the shore! Well, live and learn!

So now ( IF I don't get called in again!) I'm going to "surf" a little. I've been neglecting everyone's blogs, and websites for the last few days. Life just wants to get in the way too much!
I wish you all a great Tuesday! I'll see you all soon!

Peace and Love, KC!

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* * *

Friday, April 07, 2006

No title

Cause I can't think of one lol!
Well, I'll post the rest of the vacation pics sometime this weekend. I just don't have the time this morning to do a big post like that. I need to take Mom to the Dr's again for yet ANOTHER biopsy. Apparently, they screwed up her last one *sigh*.
So, I just thought I'd give you our regular- and if I get back later at a decent time, I'll add the vacation post to the end of this. In the meantime........ ;-)

Three lil ole ladies named Gertrude, Maude, and
Tilly were sitting on a park bench having a quiet
conversation when a flasher approached from across
the park.

The flasher came up to the ladies, stood right in
front of them and opened his trench coat.
Gertrude immediately had a stroke.

Then Maude also had a stroke.

But Tilly, being older and more feeble, couldn't
reach that far.

Bless her heart.

And #2
( sounds like something I would do lol!)

Donated by: Ness (U.S.A.)
I don't usually forward any recipes, but this one is exceptionally good!

6-7 LB chicken,
1 cup melted butter,
1 cup stuffing,
1 cup uncooked popcorn.
salt and pepper chicken to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Brush chicken well with melted butter, may use margarine
Salt and pepper.
Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. (No substitutes please)
Place in baking pan in oven.
Listen for popping sounds;

when chicken's ass blows out the oven door
and flies across the room, chicken is done.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Peace and Love, KC!

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ok, so I fixed the darn thing!

But I had to delete the Medievil Knights post! Apparently, since those photos were so large, they screwed up the whole blog! And I HAD downsized them on photobucket, so go figure! Usually, when I see they are too large for the post, and I go to Photobucket and shrink them, they automatically become smaller on the blog. But it didn't work this time *sigh*. Well, at least you all can see what I'm typing now! I'll try and post the pictures another time.
Anywho, back to the pictures from vacation. These are from Epcot:

The "World lagoon". It sits in the center of the "world", while all the countries that have exhibits/rides/shops etc. are all around it. There are 12 so far, and room for many more!

A couple of silly kids in Canada

The USA's exhibit. Dead center at the far end of the lagoon.

The family in Japan- Sort-of!

What I like about this park is that you really have 2 parks in one. The begining area, where they have things about energy, space travel, The Sea, the Land, and everything about earth in general. There is a really cool "ride" called "Mission to Mars", where you you feel like your in a space shuttle, blasting into space. You sit in a booth, with a control panel. Everyone there is a member of the team ( Navigator, Commander, etc). This ride is not for someone that's clostrophobic- your straped in really tight, and the "control panel" comes in to your body. With the harness strapping me in, I could just reach the buttons and joystick! But apparently, these are built on a centrafuge, and they create the "launch" by spinning the cockpit around! WOW! I've never felt that before! I don't know how many G's we got- but I've got a healthy respect now for how much training the astronauts have to go through. If that's even 1/10th what they feel, WOW! One very wild ride!

The other thing I like about this park is that you can get stuff from anywhere in the world. I always like to go to the UK exhibit. They have a shop there that sells Kilts, and other Scot's stuff. I saw a beautiful cape, which I would've loved to get- but they didn't have the proper plaid ( that matches my kilt Daddy bought me!) Shoot! If they had- I'd've bought it, even though they cost about $150. I mean, I need a winter coat ( and these were not VERY thick- so they'd work down here!) And it would have lasted for a long time. Bummer!

Now- on to other details.
I talked to Mr. P. yesterday, and he said that I should just hang in there. She's supposedly requested to be taken out of our store, and it's just a matter of time before it happens. And Doug is supposed to be moved to another store here in town once he's licensed. ( he's supposed to become manager at that time as well- talk about short-staffed! He's just been made a pharmacist, and he becomes a manager on the same day!) He told me if things here were still bad, he'd take me with him! So either way, I should be ok.

And today is officially the birthday of someone very dear to me:

Happy Birthday Andy! Man of my heart, Keeper of the laughter, and great Son!

I think I'm going to get him a Dictionary for his birthday lol! For any of you that have read his posts on this blog- there should be no need to explain THAT gift! But I must go and shop for said gifts, so with this I bid you goodbye for today!

Have a great Thursday!
Love and Peace, KC!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Is wrong with my blog? I noticed the past 2 posts, that my sidebar is encroching on my text. And the one post I had downsized the photos, but they refuse to shrink? I haven't done
anything to the template in months- with the exception of changing the music video.
I guess while I'm off tomorrow, I'll have to play around with it. I think it's a
little glitch somewhere, but I can't take the time this morning to work with it.
And I can't see posting yet more stories/pictures until you all can read them
And I have to get to work early today. I have to sit down and have a talk with Mr. P.
It seems that "D" has decided, with the exception of "emergency" circumstances, that
I should spend my days playing cashier. She refuses to let me type, or call insurances,
or any of the other things I'm trained to do. She only uses me when she has no other
recourse.( and no I'm not paranoid - this is something that the others that work with
me have noticed as well. When I mentioned I was feeling this- they said how they had,
but didn't want to bring it up to me.) I have heard repeatedly lately how she wants out,
and that she's not long for our store. But I don't know how long I can put up with the way
I'm being treated. An Example: Monday, the early person called out. Instead of calling
me in early ( which would have bee the logical choice, as I was next due in, and it would
not be overtime for me) she called in Doug. Who is a graduate Intern, with his pay and
who already works waaaayyyy too much overtime ( at other stores, he's trying to get a
jump on his school loans!) Not to mention, Doug was scheduled to CLOSE- which meant
he would have had to work a 14 hour day! Hence my change to the closing shift Monday-
so Doug would not get the overtime ( But I get the shaft!) And yesterday, when Doug left,
and by rights I should have taken over at the In-window, she told me to go to the registers,
that "C" needed practice typing. Which is a lie- she types quite a lot actually. "C" even
said that to me, when I went and told her that. "C" didn't WANT to type- but what can
you do? So I need to get some answers from Mr. P. Or else put in for a transfer. I don't
mind doing my fair share of cashiering, but I'm NOT a cashier, I'm a Certified Pharmacy
Tech. But not in her eyes- I'm just a pain.
Peace, KC

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day two- Magic Kingdom- AKA Chaos central!

Well, what can you expect during Spring Break? I had forgotten how crowded the parks get. I mean, it's been 12 years since I'd attempted to go to one during this time of year ( we normally go "off-season", when it's less crowded) Well, everyone and their brother was there! And not all Americans! As a matter of fact, it seemed that every other accent we were hearing was Brittish? Does the UK have Spring break? 'Cause I think they were all at Disney last week lol! But despite the crowds, we had a really great time. The lighted parade was beautiful, although my pictures of it are very fuzzy. I'll have more time later in the week to play with them, and see if I can clean them up! And the fireworks were outstanding! You could hear the crowd through the whole park Oh and Ah to them! Every time I go, I think they can't get any better, and every time they prove me wrong!

The paddle-wheel boat over to the M.K. This and the monorail are the only ways to get to/from the parking lot into the actual park.

Cinderella's castle. What you may/may not be able to see, is that they have put the various Disney charactors on the outside of the castle ( they're gold- you can see Wendy flying up at the top there!) Which was a new thing I'd not seen before. Last time we were there, the castle was covered with "toilet paper & graffitti" ALA Stitch! Still, it's cool that they change it up like that- it keeps you guessing!

Princess Kimmie, mugging for the camera, with bit bro hiding out behind lol!

Riding Aladdin's magic carpet. Getting Becky in any picture is like pulling teeth. She's at that stage of "I don't want my face anywhere where people can see it Mom!!"

Just prior to the above picture, we had ridden Splash Mountain. Which is a water-flume ride. Which is great if it's warm outside. The problem was, it was 4:30pm, and the sun was hiding. So Becky and I had to run off to the nearest shop, to buy dry shirts! I had my Slang shirt on ( which is verrrrrry thick cotton!) and if we didn't want to freeze our...er...well, yoy-know-what's off- we had to get dry FAST!

We stayed until the very end, leaving around 11pm, only to fight the crowds and make it back to our villa around midnight. Totally exhausted, and ready for the next day.

Part 3- Epcot,or how we went 'round the world in one day!

Now, on to mundane things. I got called in early yesterday AGAIN! Seems some people think working on Monday's is optional! Scary.
My DL tickets are better than I expected. I actually didn't think Mom would wind up getting any at all. She went to one ticketbastard outlet, and they were totally down! Bless her- she went clear across town to the other one! And she told the gent-"My Daughter wants tickets right on the stage- if possible!" ( gotta love that woman!) Row Q, dead center of the venue. I had heard on the radio ( Friday, I believe) about the VIP tickets. But Jon turned to me saying "NO- Leave it be Karen!" and when I thought about it- I just couldn't do it. While I would love to get those seats, and the possibility of meeting members of either band, the cost of those tickets were just too high. Not for one or two mind- But I bought 4! I'd've gone into the poor house that way! I bought Devon's ticket, with the understanding that since she lives down there now, she's putting us up for the night ( therefore saving me the costs of a hotel room!)She *may* pay me back, but I'm not counting on it. I'm a firm believer of "neither a borrower, nor a lender be". So I "gift" her with the ticket. If she pays me back for it- or pays for something else ( dinner, T-shirt, drinks etc.) then it's a "gift" back. Works better that way- IMHO.
Well, speaking of work, I'd better get my happy-butt dressed and out the door. I'll be back here tomorrow with more pics and stories.

Hope you all are having a great week!
Peace and Love, KC!

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Sunday, April 02, 2006


Us outside of the Canada exhibit- Epcot, Disneyworld ( for Jude, Lexy and Patty!!)

Hi everyone! Well, I'm back and I'm EXHAUSTED! You know, for someone who spends 8 hours a day on their feet, I thought walking through a couple of parks would be a breeze. NOT! My legs feel like someone has been beating on them with baseball bats. But we had a wonderful time! The villa we rented was absolutely beautiful, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I will be back again tomorrow morning with day one, but right now I have to get everything here back to "normal". And I have to get all the clocks fixed ahead. And the kids ready for school, and, and, and...........

Oh, and for those who care- Mom has in her hands a couple (4) tickets for West Palm Beach. Not front row by any stretch ( I heard on the radio about the VIP seats, but I couldn't get to a computer) But at least they're under the roof, and fairly good ( row Q, so not all the way back!)

I'll catch you all in the morning! I missed you!
See you in the morning!
Peace and Love, KC!

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