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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ok, here they are!

These three are the one's i got last Friday nite. They are in order, with the last one being them in the stands during the 2nd half of the game.

( there is a middle song between these two, but it's a slow song and IMVHO- boring. He's changing the song, so hopefully it will be better soon!)

Just an FYI- The chant's they do? The first is the girls going "Your a Jerk!", then the boys say "I know!" the second is "SWAG!" ( I have no idea- really!) The long one is pretty obvious.
Also, the flag girls are having some problems with personnel. They had a few quit- and the new ones are.. well let's just say their sense of rhythm is not all that it should be. They're working hard on it though.

And in the stands:

The funny part of this last video is one you can't see. Those bleachers they are on are the "temporary" kind. Which means they weren't the most stable things to sit on. The whole time the band was rocking back and forth- you could see them move/rock. And the Squeaking! We parents were scared to death that they were going to break on the poor kids! ( they didn't though)

I had a great time tonight. Went to the local Barnes & Noble, to sit in with the local Romance readers club- and Roxanne St. Claire. She was doing a combo signing ( yes, another new book!) and online Q & A. If you go to the B & N site, in the Heart 2 Heart bookclub section, you can see it all. ( I can't get the link to work- I need to re-learn how to post this crap again darnit!)

You can see a picture of all of us, and the questions from the "Roundtable" ( which was us there with her) along with the online questions asked. I'm in the picture- hiding behind Becky lol!

That's about it for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow or Friday.

Peace and Love, KC!

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* * *

Monday, September 28, 2009

OK, here's the story

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Well, I went to the Dr. today. And basically- I'm fine ( no pun intended). But it seems that I have a "Genetically deformed Kidney". For the last 50 years. which never gave me any problems until recently ( after I've been out of work. Where I had to do the pee-pee dance for hours before actually being able to use the restrooms- GO FIGURE!)

So what that means is that it's nothing that they can fix, without major surgery. Thankfully, the Dr. said that wouldn't have to happen unless it keeps acting up.
That's a good thing- as I'm so sick of dr's, and needles, and knives that I can't even begin to express it!!!!!!!!

In other news- I have a couple more really cool videos of Andy's band. I just have to have the time to upload them. Unfortunatly, youtube takes a realllllllyyyyyy long time to upload videos. I'm going to try for tomorrow, but I won't promise it will happen. I've got an author Q & A I have to go to in the evening, so I've got to get stuff done earlier in the day. But I will try, and I will let y'all know when it's up.

Now I've got to put in some time on my book/thingy/whatever. I promised I'd work on it every day, even if I'm typing a bunch of crap. They have a saying in the writer's world- AICHOK- which means Ass in chair, hands on keyboard. I think it's good advice.

So hopefully, I'll have video and pictures for you no later than Wednesday. And as my son likes to say...

Peace, OUT!
Love, KC!

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* * *

Friday, September 25, 2009


funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

( This one's for you Jude!)

And that means I'm gonna be busy. Have to run errands, followed by getting over to the HS in time to feed, dress, and chaperone the band to their first away game! Have to be there by 4pm, and probably not home until after 11pm. But it should be fun anyway. I will have my camera this week, so hopefully some new/better video will come.

Still haven't heard anything from the dr, but I have an appointment to see him Monday morning, so I should find out something then. Hopefully it's good news. And no news on the job front- but I'm not really expecting anything there right now. I'm not really pushing it hard- I'm going to enjoy a month or two more before I start a big "push" to get back into the workplace.

I do have a problem though. Remember I used to post my Friday Funnies? Well, I don't have any saved from before this thing broke down last fall. So if any of you have any for me- please don't hesitate to send them my way! I'd like to get back to normal around here, and that means funnies to end the week.

Aside from that, it's been a pretty slow week here in the Fine household. Cleaning, reading, and such. I'm going to be having lunch with one of my old co-workers next week, hopefully she'll catch me up on all the gossip. And maybe give me some ideas for the book/thingy/whateverthehell it is I'm writing.

Have a great weekend all!
Peace and Love, KC!

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* * *

Monday, September 21, 2009

Well, some stuff generally

Just so you all know;
1- I haven't heard anything about my test yet. Which I'm taking as good news. I mean- if there was something majorly wrong with my kidney- the dr. would have called by now right? So I'm thinking it was just a fluke. Yeah- I'll go with that!

2- I didn't get anymore video of Andy's band this past week. I managed to get out of working the food booth, but since I thought I was- I didn't bring a camera. So this week for sure.

3- I've started doing something new/different. I've started writing. Nothing really interesting, but just jotting down some things I experienced working in retail all those years. Ideas for maybe something. A book/primer/something. Since I've got this laptop- I figured I'd put it to good use. The working title is " Retail 101- Or how I survived 25+ years in HELL". If nothing else- it will be an effort in purging all the crap I've put up with the past 26 years. And it's kind-of fun actually.

I blame Rocki ( Roxanne St. Claire). She's the one who told me to write while I was not working. And my Mom. Who for some strange/weird reason said the exact same thing to me not 2 days later ( and with no prompting from me??). So what the heck- I haven't anything better to do at the moment.

Except do the laundry. Or weed the garden. Or clean out the car. Or........

Peace and Love, KC

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* * *

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ok, Finally.....

Here is the video. I actually have 3, but 2 of them are too big file-wise for Photobucket to upload. So if anyone knows someway I can get around that- spill! ( edit: Photobucket is being a jerk- I ended up uploading all of them onto Youtube)

A little background. This is a brand new high school. They had NO band-camp before school started. NONE of these kids have ever been in a marching band before now. They've basically learned all of this in 4 weeks of 2 hour after school sessions. Andy is on the left - he plays baritone horn.

And here are some stills:

That's Andy coming out the band room door. Charging out would be more appropriate!( he's the one with the horn under his arm)

The whole band in the stands. My photoshop skillz- let me show you them lol! The girls in the "track suits" that are standing beside the band are actually the flag squad. Their flags are on back-order poor things. So they just march with the band until they get them.

I'm hoping to teg more pictures this Friday- but the problem is I think I'm working the concession stand. Which means I'll be up to my elbows in ketsup and such for most of the game. If not this week- I'll be going to the first away game the following week. I'll try to get better shots then!

As for me- I have a test tomorrow ( called an IVP test?). Hopefully they will be able to tell what's the problem with my kidney. The bad news?- nothing but clear liquids all day today. NO FOOD.

Have you ever noticed just how hungry you get when people tell you you CAN'T EAT!!!??????

Meantime- there is some cleaning around here that needs doing!

Peace and Love, KC!

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* * *

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jeezz, if it weren't for bad luck....

I know, I know- not keeping up here. But I have a somewhat valid excuse,if you'll just bare with me.

Let me explain- first weekend of this month, I suddenly had some severe pain in my side ( as well as what I knew was a bladder infection. We went to the ER, since it was Sunday. Turns out I had a kidney stone, and was admitted to the hospital for 3 days. Which, of course, sucked big time! Imagine, if you will, me spending my 25th wedding aniversary in the flippin' hospital! ( I'm glad I didn't book that long weekend in NOLA as I had originally planned- would have been a giant waste of monies).

So I've been running around getting a bunch of tests, and having stints put in/taken out of me, and generally been drugged up half the time. Not the best for trying to type and having the energy to do anything creative.

Now- I AM going to get that video of Andy uploaded. And get back on track here ( cripes- I haven't even wanted to play on my new toy?? ( and you know that's not me AT ALL!)

I have a Dr. visit tomorrow, and some stuff to pick up. So I'm thinking Weds. on the video. or something like that.

Meanwhile, just hang in there- It has to get better.....

Peace and Love, KC

P.S.- Awww heck! RIP Patrick Swayze. "Nobody puts baby in the corner....."

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* * *

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I know I said I'd be back on Thursday, but I have a video I'm trying to upload that is taking up all of my time/patience.

It's my Son in his very first performance in his marching band. I'm just SOOOOO PROUD!

I'm gonna try to do it on the "main" computer tomorrow- but if not- I'm doing it on my new "toy" tomorrow for sure.

Patience please my friends!

Peace & Love, KC

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* * *

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

And another Summer shot to hell.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

And I'm slooooowwwwwly getting stuff done around here. Working frome room to room, cleaning out drawers, closets, dressers, etc. It feels good to get all these " one of these days" chores done. I'm leaving the big ones ( aka- painting, yard work ) until it cools down. I just can't do that stuff when it's still 90+ degrees outside. I'm just not used to the heat for any length of time- and we all know that the last time I tried I ended up passed out for the afternoon! So those chores will just have to wait a month or so.

I have a new toy though-

Yes, I've got me a Laptop! And it's staying "gaming-free" and kid free for as long as humanly possible. I've spent the last week or so just trying to transfer all my favorites over to it. It's amazing how many links I've got on the main computer that I've added over the years!

Hopefully, once I get used to typing on this thing, I'll be around more often. I know the vast majority of you use My Space and facebook. And I'm only keeping those accounts so I can keep up. But here is where I started, and here is where I'll stay. It's warm, comfy, and less crazy than the others. Besides the fact that I just like my little corner of the www.

Another fun thing I got to do the other day was to go down to my local B&N's and meet a favorite author of mine- Roxanne St. Claire. She was there with another author- Traci Hall ( who was also awesome btw!) and I got to talk with both of them for about an hour. What was SUPER cool was that Rocki actually recognized my name from the various Romance blogs and Twitter. When I introduced myself- she sqeeed and came around the table to give me a big hug!!!??? Blew my mind. I'd've been happy if she had just said " Oh, yeah- I recognize your name". I even got a piccy;

She's going to be at the store again for a big interview/Q & A on the 29th of Sept. I'm SOOO going again. And Traci? if your reading this- next time I'll get a pic with you too. Total brain-fart on my part!! MY BAD!

Let's see- what else? Oh I've got a few applications out here and there. Mostly to the local hospitals, nursing homes and the local VA. I'm not holding my breath though- But 12 people have downloaded my resume from the Fl. work website, so there's hope. And quite frankly, I'm not in a rush at this point, I kind-of like this being home and playing Mom- without all the stress of work!

I'll be back probably Thursday. I've got a few things to do tomorrow, and Thursday the coast is ALL clear!

Peace And Love,

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* * *

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