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Monday, October 25, 2004

Sorry I was MIA over the weekend, but I decided to have some "family time". And since everyone was home, my time on this thing was severely limited. A couple of things happened that I thought I'd share.
First off, I am seeing/feeling some affects of the chemo meds now. Not anything major- just a lessening of my stamina, and a funny taste in my mouth. Kind of like you have after a REALLLLLLY good nite on the town. It does make most of the things I eat taste like the inside of a tin can, but nothing that I can't handle!( I might even manage to loose some weight in the process! positive thought there!)
I had someone in a chat the other day ask me why my nickname is KC, when my intials are KF. Well, my maiden-name was Campbell. I recieved that nickname in college. There were 4 girls with the name Karen on my hall alone! Made for an interesting stampede when a call came on the "off-campus" line, and someone screamed "Karen- Phone!" So after 2 weeks of that, we all had "adopted" nicknames. Mine was the first picked since it was easy and everyone agreed it suited me perfectly. Karen is a name ( this is my opinion ONLY! No offense to any others with that name!) that I always felt was staid and boring. ( not to mention very common to my generation!) KC just sounded like someone fun and happy! And you all know that suited me just fine! It has stuck ever since.
Becky ( my eldest) and I were talking Saturday, and discussing all the things she wanted for Christmas. She asked me how I was going to do the "Santa" thing ( always my job and pleasure!) when I may not be able to go out shopping in public due to my treatments. WOW, who replaced my 14 yr old with a learned scholar??! I confess that had not entered into my mind! So, we came to the conclusion that I will have to do the shopping online! Safe for me, and eases her mind too! So, my fellow bloggers- aside from the obvious sites ( amazon, *insert major store site here*, ebay, etc) are there any sites you all know of that would be a good place for me to go? I have not been in the habit of ordering stuff online, with the exception of Lep stuff ( imports, ebay, etc) And I certainly can't find everything on Amazon.com! Safe ( security-wise) reliable, and fun are the key here! Any help you can give would be appreciated.( oh, and if they gift-wrap, can you say GOLDMINE!!)
My last little rant will involve Island records. Can you say A@@holes! ( I knew you could!Open Mouth) I am really upset with the whole record business in general. It's not just our Leps that are being abused in this way. Many of the "older,established" acts have put out CD's in the last 2 years, and unless you were as involved in their "fanbase" as we are with the Leps, you wouldn't know! These so-called know-it-all's seem to think that when you pass the age of 30, you just don't care about music anymore. BULLSHITE! The fact that these acts paid for the desks they sit at, and the limos/planes/hottubs/Armani suits they own doesn't seem to hold any weight with these shisters! I wish there were some way that someone(s) could enlighten these morons that we DO buy music! ( as a matter of fact, concidering the rampant amount of downloading and such by the younger kids, We are the ones that are probably still actually BUYING the Darn CD's!!!!!!) I would love 10 minutes in the office of the head of Island/Def Jam, I could untwist his knickers and make him "see the light"- Anyone for a short trip to NYC???????
Well, that's it for now. Mom is comming over and we are going down to the outlet mall in Vero Beach. I want to get out as much as possible while my energy and my immunities are still up! Have a great day friends! Peace, KC Shopping 2

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