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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Sorry I've been slacking, but between yesterday's little blip, and Blogger not wanting to work, this is the first chance I've had to catch up with you all.
Shopping- well, I didn't have alot to spend ( my disability doesn't kick in until next monday) so I didn't go as crazy as I could have. Got 2 pair of "Liz Claiborne" colored jeans ( you know, not the denim, but look like jeans?) My best buy was at the Reebok outlet. I got a pair of walking sneakers, Plus a pair of Rockport suede "maryjane" type shoes, for $35 total for both!! I'm sooooo proud of myself lol!It could of been MUCH worse! ( P.S. to Kim- this one store had so much "bling bling" for sale- YOU would have had a heart attack!)
I mentioned a little blip. Yesterday for some reason, after I took my daily pile of pills ( yuck!) I did some housework, and suddenly got a little dizzy. So I sat down, then laid down on the bed 'cause it made me a little tired. I figured I'd just close my eyes for a few minutes. That was at @ 10:30 am. My son woke me up and 3:45!!!!!! OOOPPPPPSSSS! Guess I was more tired than I thought!
I have decided ( incase you didn't notice) to keep my present template. I LOVE the ones Lori made, But for some reason I can't seem to get into blogger and make that back-up file to move templates back and forth. And I just got done tweaking this one to suit me. I'll get one of her's later when I'm bored with this one. After all, we all can't look alike, can we?
One other thing, I had to delete out smiliecentral. I don't know about all of you, but that put so much spyware on my computer, it was begining to make a mess. So if any of you know somewhere else I can get smilies ( or something similar) let me know!
Have a great day Friends!! Peace ,KC

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