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Saturday, October 16, 2004


Is 58 degrees, as the sun comes up. It's finally trying to cool off down here. I actually opened the windows last night, and had my first good night's sleep in 2 weeks. Have my Earl Grey by my side and just thought I'd ramble this morning. So shoot me The Thinker
First- I'd like to ask you all your opinions on something that has been running around in my head for a week or so. You all know that with me starting my treatments this week, one of the side-effects will be hair loss. Well, here's the question. Should I get my hair cut short ( really short!) before hand. Or should I wait until the "fall-out" starts to cut it? My hair right now is shoulder length, and it might get a bit messy if I don't, but I have never had short hair in my life... sooo???? Your thoughts on this would be appreciated. Just my own poll as to what YOU would do in my place ( pray to what ever god you chose that you don't have to make that decision!!)
Second, I am thinking about changing my blogskin. Since I am going to have A LOT of time on my hands here, I think I've gotten the jist of how to reload all this stuff back on if I do, but where should I go to find a good one? I also may need some help, as I did not manage the haloscan solo ( thanks Michael!) but I will make a print of my present template beforehand, so that should give me a "guide".
Boy, for 7am, I'm just buzzing with ideas today! We have to go shopping for the kids Halloween costumes today, before all the good ones are taken. Then it's off to the best meat/delicacy market to stock up. Yesterday afternoon, when I got home from the doctors- there was an envelope left for me with a $100 gift certificate to this market from my co-workers! They blow my mind sometimes! That should keep my family in meat/deli/etc. for several weeks. In the middle of chaos comes those of good heart! Between them and all of you, there is no way I can stay down for long. If the tears come, I come back here and read your comments! Well, hubby just came back with some donuts- so off to feed before the shopping spree.
Have a great weekend, and I'll talk at you all later! Peace! Rainbow

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