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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Today, while I was just sitting around, the doorbell rang. I answered and it was my friendly mailperson! With a box in hand. When I opened it, I was amazed.
My cousin ( who I haven't seen in about 3 years) had sent me a "CARE" package. Enclosed were the following:
1- A pink Beenie "Breast Cancer" babie bear!
2- a Pink Nitney Lion cap ( ask Michael, he'll know!)
3- A wind chime with the Pittt Steelers logo.
WOW! I know that my Mom told my relatives about my "problem" but I never expected this! Happy tears do not due the action justice!
AND-- My old Boss, the one that retired about 4 years ago. The man that was a surrogate father to me ( in MY eyes, I did not think that he knew but.....) Called me to let me know he'd found out. AND how he and his wife are doing everything within their power to send positive thoughts my way!I never thought that when people found out, they would care sooooo much. ( insert HAPPY tears here!)I am truly Blessed!
And for all of you that continue to stick by me! Bless you all
I will post pics of my kid's costumes tommorrow, they look soooooo cool!
And I'm about to enter a new dimention to my spirituality, which will happen Sunday. Wish me luck.

Thanks all and Blessed Be! Peace! KC

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