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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Just a few rambling thoughts for the day:
THANK YOU KIM! she who helped with the graphics for the pic above! I found out why the pic would not post at the proper size. My account with photobucket would not allow any larger pics unless I upgraded to a paid account! No suprise there I suppose!
I DID get my hair cut yesterday, but not the "dye-job" so until I handle that myself today, I am not putting up the pic. Short hair has a habit of showing more of the flaws ( I.E. gray hairs lol!) and right now I'm DEFinately not in the mood to show off my bad gene-pool!hehe! I hated the way it looked when he was done, but I should have known that I was in trouble when Mom insisted we go to the guy that has done her hair. His average clientele is around 80 years old. I picked out a style that I thought I could live with, but when he styled it after the cut- UGH! I looked like a old lady!! I came home, wet it, restyled it and NOW I think I can live with it ( as long as the hair stays- that is!). I'll try to post the pic later today.
I went to see my Surgeon yesterday, to have him check up on the surgery he did last week to put the "port" in. He seems to think that I'm looking and seeming very good, concidering how quickly they are all rushing me into "full-attack" mode. He also mentioned something about hooking me up with a radiation specialist, to really "do this Beast in". I said to my Hubby last nite that after all this, we won't need a night light- I will probably "glow" enough!Confused He also wants to see me in 6 weeks ( Nov. 30 ) to set up my surgery for the mastectomy. Which means I may be spending my 46th ( OUCH!) birthday recieving the one birthday present that I would rather NOT get.
Don't worry, I'm not down yet! I just hope the worst of this is over before anything really interesting starts ( can you say Lep-trek??!!) I have been talking with Jon ( a.k.a. Hubby) and he said that if I make it through all this, he would not be adverse to springing me to road trip this time! WHOO HOOO! That's alot from him, since that would leave hime to deal with the 3 kids solo ( not that he's not capable!) I just never asked, because Mom is my #1 job, and I always felt that it would be unfair to him, you know? But damn it, I want that "reward". He has begun to see ( he reads this, and you comments sometimes,) just how important you all are to my mental well-being! And I think he's beginning not to resent the amount of time I spend on "talking" with you all. And I know he realizes that I would just LOVE to finally meet some of you! The past few weeks are probably the first time since we've had this computer that he hasn't rolled his eyes on the amount of time spent with my "lep-friends". Thank you all for that as well!
Well, I "waffled" enough for now. Off to my store to check in with my co-corkers, and get that Hair dye. "See" you all soon! Peace! KC

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