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Thursday, November 04, 2004

And so it starts........
I woke up this morning, and since I am going out with Mom today I decided to wash and style my hair. After the towel dry, I noticed some "stray" hairs. Well, it's starting to fall out. Not in clumps, and not ( so far-lol!) so you'd notice once I styled it. But my hairbrush had much more hair in it than is normal. *SIGH*! Well, I knew this would happen, but the tears came anyway. I don't concider myself a vain person, I'm the "T-shirt & Jeans" sort mostly. But this has brought me down a little. My Brain keeps telling me it will be OK, while my heart is having a time accepting it. The thing is, this is just the beginning- I have a "Long, long way to go" before the light at the end of the tunnel....
I start up my meds again today. Just the one that makes me irritable and "wired". The others ( including the I.V. chemo) I restart tommorrow. I go this morning for my blood tests, to see how my red & whites cells are holding up. I may get the "quarantine" orders tommorrow if they are too low. NOT looking forward to that. And my "pay" hasn't showed up either. If it doesn't show up by this weekend, I may have to "charge" my family's groceries this week. I HATE THAT! I have 2 cards- one for emergencies ( and X- mas) and the other I call my "LEP" card. For e-bay, tickets, etc. ( you all understand,right?!) If I charge them up now- What will I do later??????
Oh well- guess this is just not my week. I'll be OK! But if you have any good jokes laying around...... Peace, KC

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