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Monday, November 15, 2004

Good Morning!
One word to sum up the weekend- BORING! Not alot going on in my neck-of-the-woods. Jon and I ended up not seeing any movie last Friday. We just couldn't agree on one. He likes Sci-Fi, Scary movies, whereas I like comedy/romance types ( Big suprise there Huh?)! So we just went to lunch as bummed around town for a bit.
Went to my Brother-in-laws house Sat. nite, and I actually took my hat off while there. They didn't seem to think it was that bad, although it is pretty obvious that my hair is almost a thing of the past. I don't think I'll be showing off my "new do" in public for a while yet. Just not that comfortable with my "peach fuzz" yet.
Woke up yesterday with a headache, and since I can't just take an aspirin, I spent most of the day resting. And no Steelers on TV down here this week. BOO HISS! At least they won!!
I was supposed to go out with my Mom today, but the school just called. Seems Andy is not feeling well, so I had to go pick him up. Anyone want to bet just how long it takes for him to feel better?? My bet is by lunch, he'll be bugging the crap out of me. Oh well, I have to catch up on my housework anyway. My Brother and Sister-in-law ( I have 6 pairs of those- Hubby has a BIG family!) are flying in from Seattle this Wednesday! Should be a very fun end of the week for us- when the "clan" gets together, the party never stops! He's a native Floridian, or what we call a "real Redneck"! He and his family have a big farm over in Lakeland called the "Campbellrosa" ( ponderosa/campbellrosa- get it?) Since I used to be a Campbell, they have kind of adopted me as one of their own. The big joke in the family is that I had to marry Jon, to even things up ( Gain a Campbell/lose a Campbell sort of logic) His brother's wife is named Karen as well. Makes it real confusing after a few beers, let me tell you! Well, off to check on the son- you all take care!
Peace, KC

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