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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Happy Saturday!

The family went over to my Brother-in-law's house last night, to see the "west-coast" contingent of the family. They only get down here every other year, so there was a lot of catching up to do, especially for the kids. Much food, drink, and fun was had by all! I do love my hubby's family, they are sooo much fun!
As I mentioned in a previous post, they are from Seattle-ish ( actually, Renton Washington ) and Jon's father lives out there as well. we were talking about the fact that Dad is getting up there in age ( 86, I think ) and he hasn't been able to travel down to see us since, well, I was pregnant with Andy at the time ( he's now 10!) With 3 kids though, the finances just won't allow plane fare, etc. for all of us to go. Now "A" ( B-I-L from WA ) offered to fly Becky out for a High School graduation present, which is 3 years away. His wife "D" wasn't content with that, so then it was decided that BOTH my older kids would be flown out NEXT summer ( on them!) Long story short, It looks like all of us will be flying out to Seattle, probably around July 4 next summer. Everyone is convinced that we HAVE to go, and "donations" to the cause have been made. I don't know if I feel comfortable taking these "donations", but I really would like my kids to see their granddad before..well, you know. But I was brought up to " neither a borrower, or lender be".
A question for you all ( a poll if you will) If you were in my shoes- would you take the "donations" and go? ( even if it bent your principles a little) or no?
I'll try to get some good pics today, as we are all ( along with A LOT of friends) getting together again today. I finished my meds this morning, so I'll even get to "party' a bit. Let me know what you think friends, and I'll hopefully be back tommorrow. ( P.S., I told "D" about you all, and she thinks we're GREAT! Not that I didn't know that-PFFT!) Have a great day friends! Peace, KC

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