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Monday, November 01, 2004

Hey all!
Not much going on here, just taking a "lazy day". This is the first day that I don't have to take medication ( at least until friday,when I have my next IV treatment) and I decided to relax! this "break" is supposed to let my body build up steam for the next round of chemo- let's hope it works!
Sorry about the Halloween pics. I took more yesterday,but for some reason they came out worse that the first ones! UGH! I must have the shakes from the meds or something. Maybe I'll have Jon take them next time!
My major project this past weekend was to clean out my walk-in closet. You know, the kind that "swallows" things? I was getting dressed the other day, and saw clothes that I have not worn in years, and decided to purge- BIG TIME! 3 large trash bags later, I can now truely call it a "walk-in" closet again ( hehehe!). I can't believe what was unearthed. Reminded me of a archeology dig I went on in college lol!
Now if I can work up the energy to hit my kid's closets, we might have room for christmas!
I have yet to recieve my disability check. If I don't get it by wednesday, I'm calling Corporate to see what's up. Can't have the "Vultures" calling, can I? That's the type of thing that really sets off the Hubby. That and the political commercials that are playing ad-nauseum...........
That's it for today- oh, and don't forget tommorrow: VOTE DANG IT!!
Peace, KC

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