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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's Hump Day!
Another day in the life, or test, as it may be. Today I go for what is called a PET scan. It will basically tell us if the Cancer is anywhere else in my body besides the "offending" breast. Dr thinks the answer is no, but this test will also determine whether or not I will need radiation, as well as Chemo treatments. I am hoping not, because that means upwards of 60 - 80 treatments, done DAILY, for the next few months. YUK! If it is just my breast involved, then radiation can be avoided, or at least kept to a minimum. ( fingers crossed you all!)I have to fast for 4 hours before my test today, which means in 10 minutes, I can have NOTHING until about 3:30 this afternoon ( not even a mint!) If you hear a rumbling in the distance.......
My hair is becoming a distant memory now. I am really glad I did cut it short,this process would have been really awful if my hair had been long. Think this way: you know how, when you brush a dog who's winter coat is shedding, you have to clean the brush every 2-3 strokes? That's me now. I sweep the bathroom every morning because there is just so much hair on the floor. I'm just about to the point where I may just shave my head. I now understand why dogs scratch so much- it itches bad! Now, I'm OK about this for the most part - I've already shed the tears. But the only thing that still bugs me is when I sit in bed. The dresser across the room- you know the one with the BIG MIRROR? It is funny to see this person in my bed that is me, but NOT me. Any suggestions? Maybe tomorrow I'll go out and see about that Red wig !
Asides to a few-
Rhonda- Thanks sweetie for the laughs- you know me well and were right on time!
Michael- you will be linked up "proper" before I leave today- WELCOME HOME!
Janis- Chin up sweetie- we think your amazing!

Well, off to get scanned. Will let you know ( when I do ) what the verdict is.
Peace, KC

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