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Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday Rant time!

We ended up not going back to the BIL's yesterday, because we forgot one very important thing: Andy's science project was due today. Now for my rant ( SORRY!)
Why are these necessary? What's the F*CKING point of these? I know, every child should learn about the scientific process. Hypothesis,experiment,conclusion etc. But the sorry fact is, parents are the ones ( especially at the elementary level) that end up doing most of the work. I am not alone in this. Everyone I know, that has children in school have bitched about these things.
Now, this is not just a report on their experiment. They must do a display board ( with pics, graphs/graphics, art etc.) and are graded NOT JUST on the experiment ( which is easy enough), But on the display board itself! If you just so happen to be artistic, or a graphic designer,your child will have a nicer, more appealing display; I.E. a better grade! But if you are not so endowed, or, horror of horrors- Have no computer ( I know, that most do, but some still can not afford one) YOUR CHILD IS SCREWED! I remember when Becky was younger, we hadn't yet spent the money on a computer. She was embarrassed to take in her board, because all of her friends had such fancy graphics and such, whereas her's was so "dull"! When she reached middle school, and had a choice ( report OR board ) she got A's on her projects, having done just the reports.
Now, I took my son ( this is his 1st time doing a board) to the bus stop, and sure enough! There were several kids with boards much fancier than his. His face dropped, he looked at me with a small smile and said- " You did you best Mom." ( I did the title graphics and such - NOT his experiment,mind). I'm sorry son, I did my best. But why should I have gone away from there with tears in MY eyes! Why couldn't one of us been born with an artistic gene? I'm sorry, but it isn't fair! I can only hope his teacher sees past the graphics to the experiment itself, but I'm not hopeful, because it would be a first ( in my experience, anyway).
I am now gonna go to my workpad, and play around with paint, in the hopes of not putting another one of my kids through this again. I ask you- do you think it' fair to do this to a 10 year old????????????????????????

Peace, KC

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