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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sorry, but I'm about to rant here!

I was just going through my on-line bills, paying my hard-earned money away, when I went to Cingulair to pay my bill, and got the shock of my life. Now, I must explain that last July, I got Becky her own phone. I know, she's a little young, but she's very trustworthy ( and HAS proved it by not abusing the priviledge, might I add). It should only cost me $10 for her line, and I figured the bill to be about $100 total. I had double checked this with a lady at the Cingulair store last week, 'cause I had to add the media package for my new camera phone.
My bill on-line read: $250.00! WTF! Called, and long story short- someone had given Becky's phone her own line, with all the buzzers and whistles that mine has, and THEN some! Now, I've had Cingulair for 6 years, and never had any problems with them. And they DID credit all that stuff back to my account, so my bill is back to where it should be. But WHO did this! WHY! I told the lady on the phone that if this crap happened again, I'd cancel my phones and go to someone else! ( thought I'd hate to, since they have the best service in my area!) They had also dropped one feature that I put on my phone last march, to get loads of text messages for a price, instead of paying per message- and that had been dropped in August!! So I have been "over-paying" my bill for months and didn't know it! Any of you that have them as your phone carrier, keep an eye on your bills- I think they have "Gremlins" in their computer system! Or someone who wants a better dividend check in their profit-sharing!
OK, that's that off my chest- Sorry! Off to find something silly to get my blood pressure back to normal. Talk at you later- KC

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