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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

God, is it Birthday heaven or what???

Happy Birthday to one of the best guitarists we know!

I've got about half of my X-mas cards done, I will probably do the rest today. My hands are just not co-operating with the "neatness" factor. I also took out all the presents I've bought so far, and "measured" the piles. You all with kids know, you can't have one bigger ( significantly, anyway) than another. Otherwise you have the " I must have been a better kid than you were" arguments. I think, except for the ones still en-route ( both from Overstock.com and Steph's tupperware party ) that I've just got 2-3 more to buy. Then I can wrap and relax. The major problem is I'm tapped out until Jon gets both his pay and his bonus check. That would not normally be a major biggie, but he gets them 2 days AFTER my next Chemo. Since last time I was a "Zombie" for 4 days afer the last treatment, It looks like I will still have to do the "last minute liz" shopping I've always been famous for. Hopefully I'll get some good bargins though! Then again, maybe I'll get lucky and breeze right through my treatment ( Yea, KC, and maybe you'll win the Lotto! PFFT!) I also have to get the stocking-stuffers, once I get MY bonus.
Hope you all have a great day! I'll "see" you all later! Peace, KC

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