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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Just another day in paradise????

Christmas afternoon in "Sunny Florida" HAHAHA!
Yes, this was what it looked like. Actually, that was one of the better moments. I swear the rain just poured down all day. This pic was taken out of my BIL's garage. It was so windy and cold ( for us, anyway!) that most of us kept our coats on all day! Strange weather all around this holiday though.
You have all read about my problems with little miss Kimmie. How she refuses to pick up after herself. Well, all of her Christmas presents are in bags in the garage. She REFUSED to pick up her share ( which was the bulk of the mess!), so she lost all her toys! We begged, cajoled, yelled, tried every tactic under the sun, and she just would not pick up her stuff. So now she has none. Actually, she has now got 1 toy back ( her V-smile). She has been told that if she takes care of it, in a couple of days, she can have one more. And so it will go until she either learns her lesson, or the toys truly go in the trash ( or Good Will). I hate doing this, but she has to learn responsibility for her belongings. She can't go on thinking her stuff will be handled by everyone else. I'm sick of it- and so are her brother and sister. They have been the ones to "pick up the slack" and it isn't fair. So we'll see how well she's learned her lesson.......
I don't have any Dr's appointments this week ( YEA!!) so this is gonna be "family" week. I'm planning on taking the kids to the movies, and take them and their gift cards out shopping. I just hope it warms up, cause I don't want to get sick at this point. There's a lot of "stuff" going around, and I'm not allowed to catch it. And that friend of mine from my youth is coming by on Thursday to see us. That should be interesting, since we haven't seen each other since we were 19! Oh and there's the mountain of laundry, the weeds in the garden, those pics that need hanging...................
Have a good day, and for those of you working- don't work too hard ;-)!!!! Peace, KC

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