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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Weekend musings

Not the greatest of pics, and our car/truck block some, but this is the best I could do. It actually got cold ( well, for us anyway!) last night. In the 40's, which with just a hoody, did not make for steady hands on my part. But darn it! They're up! We plan on decoration the tree tommorrow, before the football games.
My BIL and his wife will be here around 11am, to pick up the kids. then Jon and I are off for an afternoon of peace and arts & crafts. I like shopping at festivals, you can really find unique gifts- unlike the same old mall offerings. And I plan on getting something "bling" for myself. Mom gave me a check for my birthday, which I normally use towards X-mas gifts. That is a problem for anyone that has a birthday this time of year. I love to give, and usually can't justify spending money on me, when christmas is sooo close anyway. But with everything that I have been through the last couple of months, I'm feeling just a little selfish. So, "IF" I find something good, I'll buy it. I have enough of my X-mas shopping done to know that no one is gonna "suffer" this year if I don't use the money as usual.( do I still sound guilty- am I looking for encouragement? Do I need you all to say "go for it"? HELL YEAH! ) It will probably be my luck that nothing catches my eye though *sigh*

So I will cruise the 'net a bit, while my kids clean up, then it's off we go!
Have a great day all of you- Peace, KC

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