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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Well, I'm still here!

Scares you huh?!
Well, as I stated yesterday. I'm now on Procrit. I'm sure you all have seen the comercials, it's supposed to help keep my red/white/cell counts up. The thing is, it is a shot given just under the skin. OUCH!! That sucker burned like a mother! I'm no wimp, and that was not a good time. And I have to get the shot weekly *sigh*. Oh well, if it helps......
I'm going out today to get something to wear for Saturday. It seems that the only "dress" pants I have are not fitting at the moment. Another unfortunate side-affest of Chemo is weight-gain. Your metabolism is slowed,and with energy levels, well, I just can't get the darn things closed. (actually I can, but it's not pretty lol!) So since Mom works at Beall's, ( think Macys, Kohl's , mid-price dept store, based in Florida) and gets a 20% discount, we're gonna go quick to get me something presentable to wear. This will also hopefully motivate me to go if I'm not feeling up to par. I'm spending tommorrow just resting, so I can "recharge" if needed.
Steph- I can't begin to tell you how touched I am that you thought to send a card to "cheer" me up. Especially since you have soooo much on your own "plate" at the moment. Don't worry if you can't get it patched back together. Your good intention is enough to sustain me!
You all don't realize just how much your prayers and thoughts get me through! I am only a "trooper" because I have a "squad" of friends that are second to none!!! I will match all of you against any group, and bet the farm we'd win! I am hoping that I will be through all of "this cancer shit" in time for the tour next spring/summer. Because I am already filling my "Lep-trek" fund piggie-bank, in hopes of traveling to meet some of you. You see, I would really love to thank you all in person for all that you have done for me. I MUST. Words on paper do not suffice. Thank you's are not enough. And when we meet, the first round will be on me- my treat! I'll be the one with arms open wide.
Peace my friends :-) KC

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