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Monday, January 24, 2005


I'm so bummed about it. After all they've done this season, it just doesn't seem fair. And I say this knowing there were no bad calls, but they just choked. Oh well, there's always next year.......
I go to the Oncologist today, and I'm hoping he gives me my clearance to go back to work. And he will also no doubt set up my next round of Chemo. Sheesh, this is getting old! But it has to be done, and I want to make sure that it's all over by summer, as there are things I wish to do then ( can you say concerts???). Since they have already put me on the schedule at work, it would be nice if I can show up, Huh?
I know that those of you up north have had a rough weekend. Now you all know why I live down here. I just don't deal well with snow anymore. I hope you all are alright, and be carefull driving in all that snow! We got a piece of it, 28 degrees by my themometer out back, and I'm hoping I don't loose all my tomatoes, as the vines are loaded right now. I had to cover all my plants last night to try and keep them alive. That's a problem that you deal with here. A lot of the plants that they use in landscapes down here are just NOT freeze tolerant. So every time it gets down in the 30's or lower, you have to go around throwing sheets and blankets on all of your plants. And even that doesn't help sometimes. And of course, if my garden wasn't doing so well, it would never get this cold....PFFT Murphy- GET OUT OF MY FACE!
I'll be back later and let you all know how it goes at the dr's. I also have another appt. with the PS ( plastic surgeon) and hopefully he will take this drain out of my side. I'm sick of sleeping in the recliner, instead of in bed! But if I don't, I turn over on to my side and the pain is such that I can't go back to sleep. And it's a pain to pin the thing up so that it's not visible, and and and- I just want the damn thing out! ( OK, I feel better now- sorry!) Take care of you! Peace, KC

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