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Thursday, January 20, 2005


I'm sitting here freezing! I know, those of you up north are thinking I've lost it! But my fingers are numb, and I am sitting here with a sweatshirt on, and fuzzy slippers and I'm still cold! BAH! So much for the Florida sunshine!
Nothing going on today, although my house looks like crap, and I really should put some time into cleaning. But I'm not supposed to do anything like that yet, so I just have to sit here and look at it. That, my friends, sucks! I hate housecleaning as much as the next person- don't get me wrong. But if I start, I won't stop 'til it's all done, and my hubby will come home and chew my ears off about not resting, recouping and blah,blah,blah. This is one part of the process that really twist's my knickers! When I'm working, at least there's an excuse for my house to look like crap. And I've never been the type to sit on my a** and do nothing. Oh well, if I keep my eyes on the computer monitor, maybe I won't see the mess so much!
And since the only thing on TV today is the inauguration, that's not a very good option. Since I'm not thrilled with the man keeping the office, it's not something I want to watch. Maybe I'll work on this thing. If you come in and see some changes- don't be surprised. If I don't find something to do- I'll go mad! Ok, enough rambling. Take care of you! Peace, KC

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