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Monday, January 17, 2005


Hey everyone! Let's see how long I can last at this thing today!
I took everyone's ( including my family's) advice, and just rested yesterday. It didn't start out very well, since I had to remove the bandages from surgery. It's the first time I saw the "results", and it isn't very pretty. I know, it had only been a little over a day, and all that implies, but it wasn't easy. It will take me some time to get used to looking at myself before I can do it without some tears. However, hubby said something to me that helped. He said " Babe, this is the worst it's gonna be- remember, you'll be back to yourself soon. And it really isn't too bad- at least YOUR still here." Gotta love my hubby, He' really is my rock. I still have a "drain" that leads out of my side, with a little bulb at the end that has to be emptied every 4-6 hours. My Kimmie keeps checking it for me! "Mommy, that's full, you need to empty it!". Kids, Huh? Becky is in charge today, Hubby went to work since the kids are off, he's takeing tomorrow off, since I am not allowed to drive for a week, and I have to go to the dr's office to get checked out. She's planning on making use of her time in charge- no doubt!
Thanks for all you support, I really appreciate it! Oh, and Snuggles? I had the nurses looking funny at me when I got your voicemail! Thanks for the laugh Sweetie, it was well- timed! Now I'm just gonna relax, and get better. I'm hoping to get back to work next week. I'm sick and tired of being home, dwelling on this damn problem. I'll be going back about 30 hours a week, just to keep up my benefits. They claim to want me back badly, so they're willing to work around all the medical stuff I still have to deal with. And if I can get at least a month in, I'll be able to go back out if I need to for further surgery. So wish me a speedy recovery!
I have heard from various sources that some of my family and other friends have been reading this thing as well. ( Janine- about time you commented roomie! It's not like you to be this quiet with ME! hehehe!) So shout out to Janine, Ann, Rae, Pete, Laura, and any other of my friends that have found me here. Comment all you want- they're always welcome! Join the party, we don't bite ( often ;-))
I may go back to my old template before I go back to work. It's not that I don't love this one,( the view is soooo nice!) But I like the other one too, and I really didn't use it all that long. Let me know what you think ( as if you won't BWAA HAAA!)
A tour with Bryan Adams this summer? HMMM, I'm not sure how I feel about that. I like some of his stuff, but I'm not a big fan. However, any excuse for a Lep tour is good for me. Now, when the dates come out- where should I go???? Hummmmmmmmm, time to check how much air travel is to various places from here. Any Suggestions? ;-)
I'm gonna be watching movies all day today. As promised, Becky and I rented a bunch, and I'd better get started if we want to get them back in time! Will check back here later. Take care of you! Peace, KC

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