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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I got this "cozy" the day before I went into the hospital. THANK YOU JULIE!

Well, the Dr. cleared me to go back to work. His concern is only that once my Chemo starts again, I will lose the little energy I've gotten back, and just won't be able to haul my butt in. But I have to go back. The monies from disability run out this week, and in order to qualify for more, I have to have worked at least 1 month in the new year. So whether or not I can, I HAVE to go back. Now, having said all that, it seems that I will not be starting Chemo again until mid-Feb., so that gives me at least a 2 week head start on things. I have to have a heart test before he will start the next round, and I can't have that until the 7th of Feb. It's not that the Meds are that dangerous, and my heart is fine. But he is nothing if not over-cautious, and I can't fault him for that! And the "PS" took out that darn drain yesterday!!! Of course, that ended up not being fun, cause he just yanked it out!! OUCH!! But at least it's gone, and it didn't hurt for too long.
So I work 11 to 7:30 today, and then 9 to 5:30 tomorrow. Let's see how well I get through the days. I should be ok though, my boss has already lectured me over the phone ( been talking to my mom I think!) about not pushing myself, and taking breaks when I need them. Probably because it's never been my style to work at less than "full-throttle". But I'm sure my body will let me know when to back down. And since "Mr. Concerned" is on the night shift tonight, if I loose steam and the end of my shift today, he'll probably let me go early. If we're not busy ( Yea, I know, and Pig's fly!) It will be nice to hear "Here comes 'Ms. Def Leppard'" again, and catch up with everyone. Speaking of which, I'd better go make my lunch, and find that work vest I washed and put away a few months ago! I'll let you all know how I do. Take care of you- Peace, KC!

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