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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Physician, Heal thyself..

Or something like that! I decided to take that idea to heart, and watched the "Blue Collar Comedy Tour" video when I got back from the dr's office yesterday. Had a really good laugh, and felt better. Jeff Foxworthy Et.Al. are just too darn funny! If you have lived in the south, or know southerners, this is a must see!
As for the Dr, nothing much that I didn't know already. He gave me some prescriptions, and took "pre-op" pictures. From every angle! I felt like I was having police mug shots taken! I said as much, to which he replied " Yea, you'll be on "America's Most Wanted" next week. I said " Not with THIS boob I won't!" -- Yea, I thought to myself- I'M BACK!!!!!! ;-) Felt good, I have to say! And I have to go to Wallyworld today. Apparently, due to the surgery, my left arm ( next to the offending boob) is going to be useless for a few days, and with the soreness, I need to buy a bra that is like a sports bra, that hooks in the front. And they recommend that I wear only shirts that button down the front. The problem is I mostly have "sweater-shirts" or T-shirts. Almost all my shirts are the "pull-on" variety. And I'm told that I won't be able to do that for up to a week....
I'm probably going to my mom's today. She bought a new phone last week, as her old one didn't have the "caller-ID" function, and she wants that. She got one of those phones that has the extra handset that goes in another room. Great for her, but she can't get the darn thing programmed! My mom- the 21st century is something she is not ready to embrace yet! She can't even work the cell phone she's had for over a year! And she thinks I can understand the instructions better????
That's it for today I guess. If you all have a good movie to suggest I rent tommorrow- let me know! Take care of you! Peace, KC

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