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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sets scene:**** interior standard hotel room, somewhere in time*******

I'm sitting on a bed ( there are 2 doubles in the room). Rhonda is on my left, Kim on my right. Steph, Julie, & Tig at the table just beyond Kim. L/S, Kate, Kimterp, Lex, Michael, both the Tracey's, heck, all of you are there! ( including my roomie Janine, though how she got there is anyone's guess!) L/S is by the desk, talking. I don't know what she's saying, but it must be funny, because we're all laughing. Picture the desk full of drinkables and munchies. It's night, and we must be loud--- Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. Julie opens it and we hear a voice;" Must be a bloody party going on in 'ere!" Shocked looks all around as Joe, Phil, Rick and Viv come strolling in! Various greetings exchanged. Drinks offered up ( Phil declines- why? I don't know, and it's my dream!!;-))..........

Then Hubby wakes me up! DAMN! SHIT! Oh, I could have killed him right there! It would have been Justifiable Homicide! But that's the dream. I smiled all day thinking of it. Will it happen? Chances are slim, but it was a nice dream, and I'm keeping it! (And I still haven't figured out why Sav wasn't there?). Take it for what you will. I mentioned it to a friend at work. She said that maybe that should be my "goal". When everything I'm going through is over, that "situation" is my light at the end of the tunnel. A chance to relax and just enjoy with people I care about. I think she's got a point. I have $53 and change in my " Mad money jar". not much, but then, I haven't been working. I've made a vow since that dream. No buying lunch out, No junk spending. I'm stocking up for a dream. I'm on a misson. 'Nuf said!

Now that the fantasy portion of this post is over, just some updates. My Dr found out about the heart test taking too long, so he's changed the test and the date. I will start my new Chemo next Thursday. BLEH, here we go again! But at least with this med, I will not have to take the 5 other oral meds to go with it! And I ordered ( online) some neat looking berets to wear, as I have been told that what is left of my hair will be gone with this treatment. 4 treatments- 3 weeks apart, followed by 3 weeks ( I think) of radiation treatments. That puts "D-Day" at May sometime. Just in time for the summer concert season........ ;-)A Question for you all:

Anyone up for a vacation? :-P

Peace! KC

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