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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Well, I went to the Dr yesterday, and he said I'm healing really well. So well in fact that he thinks he will start with the "reconstruction" next week! That has me a bit nervous. I won't go into detail here, but it involves stretching the skin that is left to make room for the implant. How can he start that when my chest is full of stitches?????? Scary! I love his nurse, she is really a sweetheart. I was talking about the fact that I feel like a horror flick when I look at myself in the mirror, and she gave me a big hug. She then told me to trust the doc, she's worked for him for 15 years, and she knows he will make me look terrific when all was said and done. She knew just how I was feeling, and she really helped. Can't ask for more than that huh?
Becky is home again today. Her bus never showed up at the stop for her! And since I'm banned from driving for the next few days, I couldn't drive her to school. Her brother is gonna be really ticked about this. He has wanted to stay home with me for awhile, and he has yet to get his turn. Mom is coming over to help around the house, so I guess I'll get her to take me somewhere to get him a "treat" to make him feel better.
My hubby's co-workers sent me a bunch of flowers, balloons and candy! How cool is that!? I was blown away! Jon said they did that to make sure I'd get well so they can go back to giving him too much work again. Cynical is my hubbie's middle name! And I am on the schedule at work for 3 days next week! God, it'll be great to get back to normal(ish) again. It's funny how when your working, you'd love a break, but then when your not- all you can think is how great it'd be to be back! I just hope I haven't forgotten everything. I guess time will tell....
Well, the kitchen is a mess, and I need to catch up on my on-line reading. I'll catch you all later! Peace, KC

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