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Thursday, January 06, 2005

This printed in a Yorkshire Newspaper

An excerpt reads:
Lord Mayor Michael Pye said: "We have been delighted with the number of nominations being sent in and I was particularly surprised at the interest this has generated from so many continents.
"This has been an ideal opportunity for local residents to nominate those individuals and groups who they feel have brought recognition to Sheffield at national or international level."
Nominations closed on December 31, with dozens of names submitted. Those with particularly high support were Bean and music stars Def Leppard, ABC and Human League

God I hope so! It's about time that DL got some recognition. Another part of the article states that nominations came from all over the world ( US,Australia,Russia). Well DUH! With the WWW around, did they think fans of Yorkshire artists wouldn't get wind of this and write??!! Welcome to the 21st century! Now they need to get into the British music hall of fame, oh, and that one in Cleveland... What was the name again ;-)!

I tried to listen to that radio interview yesterday, but I guess "Murphy" has not left my home yet. First, just as "our guys" were saying hello, the truck with the afore mentioned dryer pulled up. Then, when I finally got back to the computer, and managed about 10 minutes, my cousin called from Houston! I know she was just checking on me ( she's the closest thing I have to a sister) BUT NOW!!!! Jeez, it seems that whenever I get set to finally listen to something like this, "life" gets in the way! At least I don't have to pay for that phone bill, we talked for an hour!
Oh and sorry Matt, I didn't mean to just up and leave, but you know.......
I'm going to try and catch " Meet the Fockers" today. If I do, I'll let you all know how it is. With all the time I've spent at home lately, you'd think I would have seen more movies. If I do, they are usually the "rented" variety. Just want something fun before surgery. Have a good day- I'll catch you all later! KC

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