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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

And so it goes.....
Well, another day off. And this time I'm not doing much. Just some house cleaning and goofing off. That's the plan, anyway!
Hope you all had a great day yesterday. I worked the early shift, and so couldn't get on here until late, and I was so beat, I just posted quick and went to rest. I'm feeling fine though, so don't worry! I just need to find a exorcist for my house. Why, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you!
Saturday, we decided that instead of fixing the kitchen faucet ( for the 99th time!) we would just go ahead and buy a new one. After all, the one we had was 18 years old ( original to the house) and had done it's duty. So off to Lowe's we went. Found a nice one for around $150. You know, the kind with the "pull out" faucet that works really well with large pots? ( since hubby always uses the largest pot available lol!) Got it home, opened it up and sure enough- MISSING PARTS! DAMN! It was too late Saturday to go back, so Sunday morning we went back. Returned that one, and went to find a replacement. Found it, took it to the cashier. I decided to have her open the box BEFORE I paid. Sure enough- MISSING PARTS AGAIN! Shit, this was getting old. They did not have any more of this type/brand in stock, and the ones they did have were out of our price range. So we left Lowes, and went across town to Home Depot. Found yet another faucet, and ( after opening that one as well, and seeing it had all it's parts) took it home. How wrong we were.
Now, as the old faucet had been attached to the sink for a loooonnnnngggg time, it took the better part of an hour to convince it to let go of the sink. Much cussing by hubby, a LARGE hammer, and finally it gave up it's hold. Great! Now for the new one! Hubby was not happy with being stuck under the sink. But since I still can't get my left arm above my shoulder ( due to the surgery and the nerve damage involved) I told him that I could call a plumber, and after discussing the cost of that, he quit his bitching, and kept his mouth shut! We got it installed, and when it came time to hook up the water supply- the connectors came up short. Just as I mentioned when we were at the store! So off to the store AGAIN! This time though, he flew solo, as I was trying to do laundry and clean the rest of the house in between all of this! So he comes back , hooks it all up, turns on the water- LEAK!!!!! OMG! It seems that we WERE missing an important washer, in the handle of the faucet! SHIT! DAMN! Murphy- get out of my house! Luckily, I remembered an old shower head that we had bought, but never used. Dug around the garage and TA DA! Extra washer! Put it in and now we have a faucet that doesn't leak! A job that we thought would take 1 - 2 hours had now taken 5, but I have a new faucet! BLEH!
We had also ordered some new blinds for our kitchen windows, and in all of this chaos, they had called to set an appointment for the measuring of said windows. March 3rd! WTF!?? I have to wait almost 2 months before these Yahoos can get here to put them in???? And 2 of the kids' sneakers blew out, birds got at what was left of my tomatoes in my garden, yada, yada, yada! "Murphy" has become a very unwelcome guest in my house, and I want his ass gone! So if any of you know a good exorcist, a good spell- ANYTHING! I would be grateful! We ended up eating Hot Dogs for dinner Sunday, instead of the roast we were planning, as we were just too tired and pissed to cook! ( not to mention, if we had started the roast after all was said and done- it would have been 10 pm by the time we would have eaten!)
So went my weekend! PFFT! Oh and one more thing. As much as I LOVE the graphics and such on this blog template, I may go searching for another. Why? Because this one does not allow for some things I would like to do. Like different sized fonts, colors and such. Creatively speaking, it's kind-of restrictive. So I may change that in the next few days. IF I can find one I like. I'm still not sure. The way things are going, I may be setting myself up for some more problems lol ! We'll have to see. Well, I'm off to catch up with all of you. I may be back later. Have a good day! Peace, KC

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