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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Well, Chemo finally got me. I think I got about 2 hours sleep last night. Heartburn and muscle spasms kept me from dozing off. And of course, I can't take any of the meds I have floating around for heartburn-CRAP! At least I don't have to work today, I'd never make it.
My visit with the dr. yesterday was fun. I was wearing one of my Lep shirts, and as he walked in, he said " Def Leppard, Huh?". He then said, " your a rocker, good!" I was a bit surprised, this quite, rather mellow guy saying this. Then he hit me with a bomb. He asked if I knew where he had been last weekend? Of course, I said a medical conference. He said- 3rd row at the Motley Crue concert in Tampa!!!!!!!!!! Color me GREEN! You have to understand, he's looks like the type to me more likely to be at a Barry Manilow or Cher concert. We spent the next 10 minutes talking music. It was great, and I think I have him convinced to check out "our guys" next time they're down here. And he said I'm doing wonderfully, though I have a hard time believing that this morning.
Off to the I.V. lab, where their are bunches of recliners and chairs for all the various people getting treatments. Almost every aged person is in there, although the majority are older( over 65 ) I usually try to find a chair away from anyone too old, as I crank up my music once I'm hooked up to my meds. They have head nurse there named Joyce that is just the bomb. She's 6 foot, Black and a one-woman comedy act! Point in fact, if you aren't smiling, she'll keep at you until you do! I was in my chair, bopping my feet to the music, and she tapped my foot-" what you listening to?" long story short, I lent her one of my ear-plugs, she listened and said " OOOHHHH, I'm stickin' with this one! She's listening to the GOOD STUFF!" She sat down an listened for a little while, asking me what I had ( on my I-Pod) and huffed and puffed when one of her co-workers came over to bug her ( jokingly of course!)
Such was my day in cancer-land. You find your thrills where you can. I'm going to go lay down for a while, perhaps I can catch up with the elusive sleep fairy. I'll check in later, and let you know what's up! Peace and Love, KC

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