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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Chemo Brain!!!!!!
That's what it is! I swear! I knew this function was here, I just forgot! ( thanks Kim!)
Well, I guess there's no need to change my blog template after all! Good thing too, 'cause I couldn't find one that I was really thrilled about anyway!
Actually, there really is a "syndrome" called Chemo brain. Apparently, with all the rest of the side-effects of the drug(s), it causes the synapses in your brain to fire "weirdly". I'm told this by many others that have been there, done that. So at least I have a reason why I'm suffering from "CRS" so much lately.
Speaking of which, I'd better call the Hubby at work, and let him know why the bank balance is so low. If he puts his check in today, and sees it- he's libel to go postal. I spent the money on getting the bills "ahead" and instead of waiting for his and my pay, I just went ahead and payed everything. He'll probably think I spent all the monies ( on what- I don't know!! E-bay perhaps lol!) I don't need to come home from work today to a pissed off husband!
Well, speaking of work, I'd better get going! Take care of you, and have a great day! Peace, KC

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