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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It's Hump Day!!
And yes, I'm feeling much better! At least my stomach hasn't given me any fits this morning. Let's hope it lasts...
I spent some time yesterday morning thinking about the possibilities of a "family vacation". As we are finally doing better financially, and with the "light at the end of the tunnel", I've been seriously contemplating dragging this sorry bunch on a "real" trip. One that involves leaving the house for more than one day, going somewhere new, perhaps exciting and fun. I know, so what, right? Well- we have never done that! The 90's were a decade that had us just barely clinging on to the basics ( home and hearth) and a trip just wasn't in the cards. But now that hubby is making good money, and the bills are paid, well- I WANT OUT! Somewhere where we've never been. My kids have never traveled farther north than Ocala ( to see my roommie!) and farther south than West Palm Beach. (And that was only Andy, to see some good looking Brits we all know and love!)They've only stayed in a hotel room once. I think it's about time I showed them a bit more of this world, Huh?
Some possibilities:
1- Williamsburg, VA. I just love that area, I think they will too!!!
2- Seattle, WA. To see their grandfather. With airfares being what they are now, it is within the realm of possibilities.
3- New Orleans,LA. God, I want to see that place!
4- NJ,NY, PA.- where I grew up, to visit family and friends.

I'm not sure when and where yet, and I will make no concrete plans until a certain "afore mentioned" group of Brits cough up a concert schedule. Since I am still also planning a personal "trip" of my own.( Dream #1 that I will NOT give up!) But I hope to convince my family that the world does not end at the Florida State line ***sigh***. If any of you have any other great ideas- I'm always willing to listen. (I guess the roaming Sagittarius in me is hitting with springtime.) But hey, it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?
I'm off to work, you all have a good day! Take care of YOU! Peace, KC

P.S.- I've added Sandy and Cory to my sidebar links (Finally!) if I'm missing any of you- LET ME KNOW!! I've been slacking since I've been back to work- sorry! Adios! KC

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