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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday Ramblin's!!!!!!!!
Hey all! I'm feeling much better today, although my stomach is not fully "normal", I think I can still function. Thanks for all your support, it does make the ordeal easier!
I have to go to the Mall today. Becky got a gift card to "Hot Topic" from her aunt for Christmas, and she hasn't had the chance to use it yet. We tried to use the website, since I really shouldn't be exposing myself to sick people, but they do not accept the cards "on-line". So we have to go use it before it expires. I really don't like the Mall, but whatever it takes. The card is worth $50, so I'd hate to waste the money.
Now I know what some of you are thinking. Why am I worried about going to the mall, when I work in a Pharmacy. You know, where all the Sick people go??!! Well, truth be told, I can avoid the worst of them at work. There are counters, and the crew I work with are very cognizant of the problem, and will steer me away if a possibly dangerous ( to me anyway) person comes up to one of the windows. We also have tons of alcohol, antiseptic soaps, and anything else needed to "sanitize" available. So I feel pretty safe there. But the mall? Too many people- not enough protections. So we'll be making a VERY SHORT trip.
Oh and a funny for you all- I'm now practically BALD! The (very!!) little hair remaining on my head amounts to peach fuzz! It's actually rather funny now, and I'm just trying to figure out how to shave that little bit off, so I can start from scratch, after all the treatments are over.
Speaking of which- APRIL 6th!!!!!!!! That is my last Chemo!! WOO HOO! Then 3 weeks, surgery, a couple of weeks of radiation and I'm DONE! I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am truthfully sick and tired of BEING sick and tired! The only down thing is- April 6th is Andy's birthday *sigh*. Well, I guess we'll plan on celebrating the weekend before, so I'm feeling up to it.
Well, the day isn't getting any younger, so it's off to the mall, then back here for my Sunday chores. I be back in later to check around between laundry loads. Have a great Sunday all!
Peace and Love- KC

Edit at 5:45 pm- To those of you that watch the Weather channel, or if it hits the evening news: Yes, we had tornados hit Palm Bay today, but none of them hit us. We're ok. Thank the Gods! They hit about 1/2 mile west of us. Way to close for comfort!!!!! There are still more storms coming through this evening, so send good vibes! You all are really good at that! Peace, KC

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