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Monday, March 28, 2005

Happy Monday!
Yseterday was ok. It was nice to see the BIL's new house. It's old, ( built in 1912- hey, that's old for Florida!) and as you can see in this pic, he's already adding on to it.

A wrap-around porch, with a new kitchen and master suite on the left side. I wom't be totally completed before his son's wedding, so there will be a tent on the lawn for most of that. And if the house isn't good enough, check out the view!

(That's Andy, BIL Joe,Jon, BIL Larry -his house!, Becky and Nephew Derek in the pic!)
This is what they call "the river" down here. It's actually the intercoastal waterway, which runs the whole way down the coast. You can fish right off his backyard- how cool is that?! Or perhaps dock you boat? Sweet! The land across is what's called "the beachside" down here. Property values double ( or more) just to live there. I don't like it there, it's just too snooty! And you have to leave everytime there's a hurricane in the area. Just pack up and leave! 'Cause if a big enough wave hits, the whole beachside is toast! Nope, give me the "mainland" anyday!!
Work was fairly slow, but what amazes me about people is their stupidity. I had a gent hand me 6 prescriptions, and state ( excitedly) that he needed them "right away!!" But when you look on the script, they were dated 1/28! WTF! You waited 2 months, and came in on a holiday, to get these "very important" scripts filled? And you expect me to do them in 5 minutes? NO WAY, Jose! I told him it would be 15 - 20 minutes. I don't work that fast, unless you want me to screw up the order! He got all pissed off, snatched them out of my hands ( and had to lean waaay across the counter to do that!) and told me to F*ck off! Happy Easter to you too Jerk! But the rest of the day was pretty good, although I still can't understand why people wait until the holiday to get there prescriptions filled. Unless it's from an emergency room or something. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, cause if we weren't open, they'd be in big trouble- right?
And then there was Becky and her cell phone. Which apparently went ( via her jean's pocket) through the wash. It is now history! I though Nokia's were better than that, but whatever. And since she is apparently not eligible yet to "upgrade", I guess it's off to the Cingulair store tomorrow to get her a new one! Shit, I really didn't need the extra expense now!
Oh, and it is rumored that I AM to be offered that promotion, although nothing has been mentioned to me "officially" yet. I'll keep you all posted. I doubt anything will be decided until Thursday , since that's her last day. I think they are all hoping she'll change her mind. I know she won't though. She's just fed up with the "BS", as she sees it.
Well, with that- I'm off to "surf" a bit before work. Hope you all have a great day.
Peace and Love, KC

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