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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I'm back!
And so far, I'm ok. Just feeling a little "funky", but the meds do that. And the Dr. said I'm doing wonderfully. My blood counts were "great", and he's already planning my end-of-treatment tests and such. It seems that I will be going back to see him every couple of months for at least the first year. Then probably every 6 months after that. But he seems to think that I've got this thing licked ( although until all the tests are done, this is NOT confirmed- so don't get your hopes up yet!). But it was nice to hear. He also told me that there is nothing he can do about the foot/leg pain I've been having. Time will have to take care of that. I guess I'll have to walk like a dork for a little longer....... **sigh**
Scott Peterson got the death penalty- GOOD! I really was pretty sure he'd get it. Now they just have to find the right "roommate" for him. I vote for big, hairy, ugly, with a major attitude, and a thing for guys!!! That would be good for starters.
I think I'm gonna let Andy stay home with me tomorrow. He's been really good, and it IS his turn. That way I'll have someone to ride with me to the P.S.'s office in the morning. It's a long drive alone. And that should get him off my back about it. I also need to grill him on what he wants for his birthday. I know he's hoping for DL tickets ( which he got 2 years ago- Bless him!)
But unless Mark and the "Boys" cough up, he'll have to settle for a video game. Oh well, he's not the only one hoping.... ;-)
I'm gonna go lay down now. That way maybe I'll be up to doing some stuff tomorrow. Oh, but if I'm not- I leave you with this:


Take care of YOU! Love and Peace, KC

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