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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It's Hump day!
Becky and I went down to get her a new phone yesterday. It seems that, since she's only had the phone for 8 months of a 2 year contract, we would have to pay full price for a phone. And since the cheapest was over $100, I told her tough! I'm sorry, but between the family vacation, and any concerts I may want to go to, I'm not shelling out that kind of monies for her error. She needs to learn these things, Right?! However, I had my old Nokia in my bedstand, and we put her SIM card in it and it works!! So she at least has a phone to use. Even if it has alot of ringtones on it that she doesn't care for ( DL). She'll live!
I also stopped by the local craft shop, because I've had this idea in my head the last few weeks. Hear me out and see what y'all think. You've all been on e-bay, right? And you've seen those "home-made" keychains with the Guys right? Well, I purchased 10 blank, do-it-yourself keychains. I've taken one of the pic's from the X album ( just cause it was the right size) and put "40 and fab- hear us roar" on it. I'm also gonna put a pic of Joe ( my personal fav!) on the other side, as soon as I can come up with something witty to add to it. Now, anyone interested? As I said, I bought 10 of them. I figured I'd rather make my own than pay for them. I'm going to do a "Happy Bunny" one for Becky as well. At .99 cents, it's a darn sight cheaper than buying them! Anyhoo, just a little something I'd thought I'd try. If you want one though- let me know. I'll take a pic of mine when it's done,and put it here so you can see what I mean.
I also bought a cross-stitch to make for my nephew and his wife. It's been years since I've done one, but it seems to be going fairly well, and it keeps my hands busy. I just hope I'll get it done in time. Well, with that, it's off to work. Have a good day, and I'll see you all soon!
Peace and Love, KC

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