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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Thank You!
For all of you that have offered. Really! I'm keeping them in mind. I discussed this with the hubby last night, and while he is fully aware of my need to see the band, he wants me to wait and see about the "other" dates before I make any decisions. He had hoped that maybe they would play somewhere that a "family vacation" could be included with the trip. This was news to me- but I have to "play along". To keep the peace, mind. Hopefully, the rest of the concert dates won't be too long in coming. I'd hate to wait too long, and not get any tickets! That would really piss me off! But he had hoped maybe- Atlanta, or someplace. So he and the girls could do some fun things, while Andy and I got "rocked". And he's worried about the money. I can see his point. It does seem that whenever we spend monies on something "frivilous" ( not in MY mind- but you get his drift) then suddenly, we need the money for something important. I.E.- I spend the money on airfare, concert etc.- and the car/fridge/something big breaks down! ( Murphy lives at my house!!) So to give him a little peace-of-mind, I have to wait a little. It would be SOOOO much easier if he were a Lep fan too! ***SIGH****
But I do promise ( yes, add the rest of the line- you know it well!) I will get it all sorted out asap. Maybe I should show him my money stash? But then again, that would be letting him know too much. Can't have that, can we??!! And I have to admit, Andy is really pissed. He went with me to West Palm Beach to see them last tour. He had so much fun, not only seeing the guys, but meeting the other "on-line" people. He couldn't believe that so many different age/sex/types of people could get together, and have such an instant rapport. One had even travelled all the way from Australia! He was the youngest in the bunch ( though Kat's son is 2 years older that him) and the oldest was... well.. She wouldn't appreciate me telling! But older than me! He really wants to go again. I don't blame him- can you?
Well, it's time to get my sorry butt dressed and off to work. I just wanted to let all of you know what's up. And to thank you for your kindness! I'll "see" you all soon! Love and Peace- KC

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