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Sunday, March 06, 2005

That darn song keeps going through my head. I happen to be off Monday, and if they post the tour dates ( as per the rumors!) I will begin in ernest to plan my summer. The Dr. assures me I will be "done" as of mid-May. I hope there is at least one date in Fl. For my son's sake. He wants to see DL again, almost as badly as I do! And then I will look to see where else I can go. My "fun-money" Jar is very "fluffy"! I have been a very good girl ( well, for me anyway! I HAVE! Really! Stop the snickering-- I hear you! Especially you Janine! ;-) ) I WILL be going to another date. I don't know where though. It all depends on them. I am determined to have a "Lep-trek" this time out. I think I've earned it, you know!?
We had Kimmie's "family" birthday party yesterday. It wasn't as good as I'd hoped. You see, only her grandmother was able to be there. My B&SIL , with whom we spend most of our Saturday's have the flu. And the others are all off to Daytona's infamous "Bike Week". So her party was a bit under-attended. But she made out like a bandit anyway. Behold the Princess in her Castle:

Pretty cool, Huh? She also got a laptop Barbie computer, and some really cute outfits. I didn't get her a whole lot of toys, since she is still having issues with cleaning up after herself . *sigh* I wish she'd grow out of that phase fast!
Well the laundry's calling. I will be back here, bright and early tomorrow morning. I wonder if you can sleep with your fingers and toes crossed?????????.....
Love and Peace, KC

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