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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tuesday Two'fer!!!
Well, another week, off and running! Just a couple of things I wish to "talk" about. While they're still fresh in my mind.
The first we all ( well, most of us!) know about. Joe's little rant. I won't post my opnion of this on the OF, as everyone there is getting a bit rowdy, but I have 2 feelings about this. First is, I can see Joe's point. Why review an unfinished work? While no review has ever stopped me from buying or listening to anything, I can see why he feels that any review of the "covers album" would be premature- at best. And I am not upset by Joe's language. If you had ever heard my Jon's temper- well, let's just say that Joe doen't shock me. And having seen some of his rants in the past, that's just Joe being normal. After thinking about the whole situation, it does seem to me ( JMHO here) that some of Joe's anger should be directed towards whomever sent out that CD to begin with. Mr Melodic Rock is all the way in Australia, I do find it hard to believe that he "stole" said CD. Someone with less that stellar morals/ intentions ( not quite the words I was looking for, but it's 8 am darn it!) had to have sent it to him. Now, having said that, should MR. M.R. reviewed it- indepth, and printed for the world to see?! No, I don't believe that he should have. Perhaps an abreviated review, in the vein of :" I heard the CD, and while some tracks are good, some need more work... Yada,yada,yada.." Unless , of course, written/verbal permission was given to do the review in the first place. I don't think that it was. Hence the "war" over said review. Should Joe have "gone off " on Mr M.R.? That's his choice. I don't know if it was a good or bad one. But Joe has always been the type to defend ( to the hilt!) his family, friends and most especially the bands work. So it's no big surprise. I would give my eye teeth to know who leaked that CD though! Agree, disagree. We will probably never know the whole truth. But it's something to talk about during this "down" time with the band.......
Second- I take you back a few years. Late summer, 1999. I had been to the doctor for a check-up. Just your average visit. I get a call at work " your blood tests are back- did you know your pregnant?? " WTF??? I'm 40 years old- We weren't... -Uh- ARE YOU SURE!!??? . OMG! Bear in mind please- we already had 2 kids ( 1 of each), our youngest had just entered elementary school ( no more daycare bills!) and we had started talking about more time together, vacations with the monies saved, etc. I told Jon that night, and he sat there in shock. I swear, he didn't say a word for 24 hours! The next day, I'd had enough. I said to him- "say something! Yell, curse, rant- Anything!" He then replied " when is the blessed event?". Flash forward-- March 1, 2000. Our "gift" arrived. 7 lbs, girl, big blue eyes. Our little "Oops!" What started as a shock, became a joy..............................

Happy 5th Birthday, Kimberly Alyse Fine! I wish you Sunshine, Smiles, and Rainbows! May your life be as joyous as your laugh, and your heart always full of Love and Happiness! ( I know mine is! )
Mommy :-)

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