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Monday, April 18, 2005

AAAACCCHHHOOOOOO! Oh, Shid- I godt my huddy cold!
Yea, all that sleeping on the recliner, and no close contact for over a week didn't help! Saturday, I woke with just an itchy nose, and since I thought it was the usually allergy thing, just took a Claritin. By yesterday, it was a full blown cold. Crap! And while I'm no longer on Chemo, my body has not had time to "snap back" from it's affects. So it means that it will take me a while to shake this thing off. If we weren't so short-handed at work, I'd call out. But I will buck up and go in. And probably have to dowse myself in alcohol all day to keep the germs from transfering themselves to my co-workers.
Andy's party went well. He and his friends had a good time. We ended up having Game Cube -Mario racing as a competition, and all had a good time. And despite their age, my house wasn't trashed in the process! So yesterday was just "laundry day" instead of the usually "clean-til-you-drop marathon! "( good thing too- with how I feel, Huh!?)
Then it was off to drop Becky off to meet "major Tom" and his group to go to her very first rock concert! She had a wonderful time, except for the "creeps smoking pot in front of them". She said that they had mentioned this to security, but they didn't do anything. I tried to explain to her that this was, unfortunately, NORMAL at rock concerts. That, and the guy that barfed his way down the steps between the opening act and Green Day. But she said she wouldn't have missed it for the world. So I guess at least I know she has no love-loss for drugs. She said the stuff just stank, and proceeded to wash all her clothes first thing the next morning- to get the smell out. Good, I must be doing something right!
Well, I work the evening shift today ( 2 - 10pm) So I am going to "surf", drink a bunch of fluids, and maybe take a nap before work. I wish you all a great day! Peace and Love, KC

** added edit** I was surfing the Yahell groups, and one had an anouncement that Phil Collen and someone named Michelle had a little girl in November?? Anyone know about this??

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