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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Becky and her new friend Emmy!

Hi all, I love this rather fuzzy pic! My BIL adopted a new kitty 2 weeks ago ( well, truth be told, she sort-of adopted them!). Her name is Emmy, and she is very affectionate. So much so, that when we got there, she just wouldn't leave Becky alone! She rolled and rubbed on her all evening. My SIL said we could take her home with us if we wanted ( since she has 2 cats of her own already). But Jon said no way. He is just not a cat lover, and with our house already a bit crowded, he said we just didn't have room. But she's soooo cute, Becky and I are determined to try to change his mind.
Well, went surfing a bit this morning, and it seems that DL is playing Atlanta. Now,this is good news, as if they are coming down that far- what's to keep them from coming all the way down????!! So hopefully, in the next week or so, I'll get some really good news! ( and let the aforementioned DJ off the hook lol!) But if push comes to shove, Atlanta is at least doable!
Work is really a biotch lately. We are so short staffed, that we only have 2 of us Techs on during the day. That makes 3 ( counting the Pharmacist) to do 300+ prescriptions, run registers, answer phones ( 5 of them!!!) yada, yada, yada! No wonder I come home feeling like I was beaten with a baseball bat! And while I am out tomorrow through the following Monday- they will have to do with one on day shift, and one on the night shift!! No one for lunches or breaks! I am trying not to feel guilty about this, as I really don't have a choice. There is just no way I can work those first few days after Chemo. I just don't have the energy to do anything for more that 15 minutes at a time, let alone 8 hours on my feet. And believe me, they know that too. When I said maybe I could re-arrange my Chemo schedule, they all screamed "OH NO YOU DON"T!"
But I can't help feeling just a little guilty. We really need to hire someone fast. Because we have 2 more people that are scheduled to be leaving within the next 4 months to go off to college. And that will leave just 2 techs- Me and Sabrina. Now the 2 that are leaving are part-time, but they are essential to the staff. And our store manager just doesn't seem to be all that concerned!! Sabrina and I both have vacations lined up, and it would just plain suck if we had to cancel them because there was nobody to cover them! Not to mention that we both have families, and LIVES outside work!! I think "major Tom" neededs to get in his face about this. She and I are killing ourselves covering things as it is, and sooner or later, one of us is gonna go off on him! Or worse- make a MAJOR mistake, which in our business, could be fatal!!! Perhaps an e-mail to the "higher-up's" will help? I don't know.........
Well, I'd better get off my soapbox, and get dressed for my day at the "slave-pit" lol! Have a good day! I go to the Dr's and Chemo early tomorrow, so I won't be back here until tomorrow afternoon. I check in with you all then! Peace and Love! KC

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