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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just call me "mid-shift mamma!"
I've been working the 10 to 7 shift, and as such I've had no life this week. And to add insult to injury, Jon's been sick. Hacking his poor lungs up, and using up enough Kleenex to cause me to concider stock in the company! Which sucks because I'm not allowed around sick people. So I've had to sleep the last 3 nights on the recliner in the livingroom. So sleep has not been a good issue for me. At least this is my last day of work this week, so tomorrow I can "re-charge" if needed.
I went to see the Radioligy Oncologist Tuesday morning ( hereafter refered to as Dr. S) They said they wanted to start me asap, when I made the appointment. But when there, they told me that they couldn't fit me in until May 3rd???! That's ASAP? And I have 5 weeks of treatments to do, which is driving there EVERY morning for that 5 weeks, for about 10 minutes worth of radiation! BLEH! I told them that I didn't want to wait that long, and if a spot opened up sooner, to call me. But this means that my treatments won't end until mid-June, and THEN the reconstructive surgery. And I've already made the plans for the "family vacation" to start on July 1. It's just cutting it too close. I may have to wait until after I get back from vacation to have the surgery, or worse yet, cancel the vacation all together. And that, my friends, just sucks the big one!!!!!! And I still haven't heard about any tour dates down here, so I'm not the happy bunny this week. Although I got a bit of good news that I thought I'd share.....................
There is a girl I work with, Devon. She and I get along really well, though I think she's maybe 24? Anywho, she has told me that she was a big DL fan, back in the day. Claims she had their pics all over her room, had all the albums, etc. But since she's gotten older, she's strayed away from them. Well, I got her a copy of the new import greatest hits for her. ( she's single, raising her son on her own, and going to school full-time, so her funds are limited) She has since told me that she's gotten BACK into the Leps- Big time! I was discussing the afore mentioned auction with her, and she asked about the tour dates. I told her "none down here as yet, just the one in Atlanta". To which she replied- " So when are WE going to Atlanta?" WOO HOO! My mission is complete! She has assured me, that she will be coming with me- where ever the concert is. Since with the last tour, she showed absolutely NO interest, this is a big 180 for her! And if I have to travel all the way to Atlanta, it will go along way in convincing the hubby that it's ok, if I have another adult with me- safety in numbers, and all that ( since Andy was already a given)! So that's my one piece of good news, in an otherwise crappy week. So I'm off to work. Tonight I'm gonna come home, eat some soup, and relax. You all have a great day, and I'll check back with you soon. Peace, Love, and Lep Hugs All Around! KC

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