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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ok, Plan B.......
So, last night, I cried me that river, built the bridge, yada yada yada. Now that I've slept on it, I've got 2 options. As there is no one I know that will be home to order the tickets for me,( believe me, I thought about that one!) I will try to order them by phone. When I went on the music today site this morning, there was an 800 number listed. So I'll try that route. If not- I'll take as early a lunch break as I can manage, and try that way. Push comes to shove, I'll just wait- and try "Ticketbastard" on Sat. Morning. I seem to recall that some people actually got better tickets through them last tour, than they did off the pre-sale site. But it comes as something of a shock to me that I actually contemplated letting Becky stay home from school today, just so she could order the darn things for me. Not for long, mind-but it did cross my mind. I must be truly desperate! I've got the # in my cell, and I'll take the seating chart with me. I just hope one of our "customers from hell" are not there at noon! A few crossed fingers today folks, if you will........ ;-)
Work was ok yesterday, but that's because we had 4 techs on for a change. I swear, it's either "feast or famine" around the store lately. And they are so short on pharmacists ( & techs) right now, that they are actually having to close some pharmacys down early, due to lack of staffing?!! I've worked for Walgreens for 23 years, and I have never seen the problems like we are having right now. I know of some that are having to work 14 hour days, just to keep the places going. If they don't do something soon, there are bound to be mistakes made. And that, my friends, just scares the shit out of all of us. Because mistakes where I work, could cost someone their life. No, not a good thing AT ALL! If you know anyone interested in going into Pharmacy school- tell them yes! This is a job that is only going to need more people, and the money ( for pharmacists, anyway) is really good. They're snatching them up before they even get out of school, and offering them all kinds of good signing bonuses. Hell-if I were a little younger, I'd even try it. And they are trying to get more money for us techs too- since most of the pharmacists I know understand that they couldn't do their job well, with out us doing ours. It's nice to know your needed.
Well, I'm going to go surf a little before work. I'll let you all know how the ticket thing works out. Peace and Love to you all! KC

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