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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

An open post to Robin-
Hi! I didn't think you were attacking me. I thought that perhaps my "question" had started something bad. I just wanted to let you know that it was not my intention to start a "firestorm" of gossip or slander. I hate rumors, gossip, or anything like it. It has hurt me badly in the past, and I don't condone or propigate it. Hell, I didn't even have the chance to read your e-mail ( or Jude's comment about the same) until AFTER your "deleted" post. If I'd figured that out before I commented, I probably wouldn't have done so. And if I hear anything of that type, I hold my tongue until it has been proven to be true, by very reliable sources. And I don't call anyone names, I've been on the receiving end , and I don't appreciate it. As Ricky's song goes " there are 3 sides to every story...."

I hate gossip. I've hated it since High School. I lived on Long Island at the time, and while I was not the most "innocent" girl on the block, I was in no way a "bad" girl. Just your average teen trying to figure her life out. I got a job working in an old time "ice cream parlor/luncheonette" in a little harbor town. Great tips, lot's of ambience. Just a really cool place to work. But I noticed early into my first week, that my fellow co-workers were anything but friendly. Now, you all know me well enought to know that I'm a pretty friendly sort. I don't normally have problems getting along with people. But these people were just cold to me. I couldn't understand, and it began to "get" to me. Finally one day, one of them asked what the problem was. I told him, and he asked me where I lived. I said my town's name- and he said ( out LOUD- so the rest of my co-workers could hear) SHE'S NOT HER!!!! WTF? Turns out, there was a girl, with my SAME name, that lived nearby. She apparently was a real psycho bitch, had been responsible for 3 of the guys in the area to be arrested ( on false charges!) She'd had multiple abortions, a habit of just losing it and beating the crap out of people for no reason, and numerous other things that I just don't have time to explain. And they had thought that I was her! Once all of that had been discovered, we got along fine. But that sort of experience teaches one about the damage that gossip and rumor can do. I don't trust it, and I don't spread it. And I hope that it never comes back at me again. And so far- it's worked.
Sorry, off my soapbox now lol!
I still have that darn cold, although the medication is starting to help. And I decided to stay home today. So I could rest and re-group. They have enough help today to do without me, and "major Tom" suggested I just stay home. So here I am, in my PJ's, Leopard print slippers, and my Earl Grey chatting with you all! Well, talking with you IS relaxing. And I paid all my bills this week, so that I will have plenty of money come April 30th, to pay for a few tickets ( 3 so far, but hell, I ain't done twisting arms yet!) I think I'll go play around the "www" for a while. You all have a great day, and if I find anything worth sharing- I'll be back. Love and Peace, as always! KC

** News Flash! I was just listening to my favorite DJ, Chris. And he announced that they had "official confirmation" of the Def Leppard concert in Kissimmee. But then he said "thanks to the heads-up from KC in Palm Bay!" WOO HOO- Score another for the crazy lady!*** :-)

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