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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Picture this- if you will.....
I was driving home after a very stressful day. No help, and everyone either had 10 Rx's that were needed asap, or insurance problems that wouldn't be solved. So I'm in my car, radio blaring. DJ is talking about the DL concert ticket give away ( no- I haven't won any yet!) On the way to my house, I have to sit in traffic at a "double left turn lane". I'm in the right lane of this, just listening, and my mind is wandering. Suddenly I notice that the car on my left-which should be moving forward( as there is no cars in front of them ) has stopped beside me. I look, and sure enough, they are motioning for me to roll down my window. Conversation as follows:
Them- You the Def Leppard Fan? ( pointing to my license plate)
Me- Yes, DEFinately!
Them- Cool, they SOOO ROCK! ( smiles, thumbs-up, etc)
Me- You know about Kissimmee, right?
Them- Yea! We are sooooo there!
Me- Me too- gonna meet with some friends and drive over
Them- Oh, give her you card dear, with the e-mail addy on it! Here- Call or write us! We'll meet up and make the trip together! It's so hard to find Lep fans around here!!
----Traffic then starts moving, and conversation ends.------
So now, Do I? Bear in mind, this was the "family" mini-van. with a normal-looking middle-class couple in it, with kids in the back. By his business card, he's a financial advisor/mortgage broker. So it's not like he's a member of the "Hell's angels" or anything. But I don't know them from Adam. Hubby was like- NO- they're strangers! But weren't we all once? And, after all, they do have one very good *redeeming* quality- they're Lep fans. But I will have to think about this. After all, I am meeting Scar and Shalalala girl, and I don't know them well, except what I've read on the boards. But in this day and age, maybe I should just meet them in Kissimmee? What do you all think?
But, it did make a nice end to the day!
I have an even worse one coming today. We have a pharmacist that is very nice, but she just can't handle the "rushes" that we have. I just know that when I get there, the counter will be covered in scripts, phones blaring, and customers pacing the waiting area. She'll be stressing, which- in turn- stresses the rest of us ( both of us, as there are only 2 of us that are working during the daytime!) And "major Tom" may not be in tonight. His daughter is very ill, and last we heard was being admitted to the hospital yesterday for mono and strep throat, among other things. Not that I blame him- his place is with his family. But he's the only one that can come in and "clean up the mess" after she's been there. I guess I'll just have to put on my "happy-face" and try to defuse the situation when I get there. I just hope I don't get stuck working extra hours again tonight ( as I did last night!) since I'm scheduled to open tommorrow at 7 am. BLEH! I really can't wait for school to be out, then the 2 girls that can only work 10 to 15 hours a week will be able to go to full time. Sabrina and I are about shot, handling everything by ourselves!
Well, off to surf alittle, and perhaps listen to NMW- that should cheer me up! ( thanks again Kim sweetie!!!)
Peace and Love- KC

P.S.- why am I so concerned about programming my VCR- when I have the damn DVR now??? Oh boy y'all, I think my hair is going to come back "blonde"!!!!! lol! Off to work ;-) KC

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